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NiOh 2: Kasha| Boss fight NiOh 2 guide, walkthrough

This page of the NiOh 2 guide has a strategy for Kasha, one of the bosses.

General information

Kasha is another Yokai boss who moves like a two-wheeled chariot. In addition, this boss is known for fire attacks - try to wear armor that provides protection against fire damage, and have water talismans to deal her more damage. Her weak points are the aforementioned wheels where you can find Amrita crystals. She wields a medium-range fire whip. It is worth mentioning that this boss is relatively fast. Also, at some point, she will be joined by Gaki.


Kasha's trademark attack is to move in your direction and attack twice with the whip. This attack is easy to avoid, but remember to stay vigilant after dodging it. After hitting the ground, Kasha leaves a field of fire that stays for a short while. Try not to run into it.

Kasha can release a sprocket/"spinner" that will keep following you. It bounces off different walls or surfaces, so it can change its trajectory. The best way to "avoid" this attack is to hit it so it will disappear right away.

Kasha can perform a Burst Attack, which is signaled by a red flash and the fact that she stops for a moment and spins the whip in the air. Prepare for Kasha to start charging quickly in your direction. She also hits with the whip several times. You can do a Burst Counter at that point, or position yourself perfectly under her wheels as she drives by, but you will have to watch out for the whip.

Kasha also has a second Burst Attack up her sleeve, which involves her throwing a whip at you, which takes the form of a sprocket/"spinner". Use Burst Counter to avoid damage. However, if you can't perform a Burst Counter, dodge to the side.

Kasha can create a small "arena" that limits your movement. When you are close to her, she can drive around to leave traces of fire on the ground, making you surrounded by flames. Fortunately, the fire itself lasts for a short while, and with great fire resistance, you can freely jump out of this fire ring.

During the fight in Yokai Realm, Kasha changes somewhat in appearance. Her wheels now burn with a blue flame that doesn't hurt Yokai. In addition, her attack, which involves releasing a sprocket/"spinner", also burns blue. During this phase, she can summon Gaki, who are very aggressive and inflict large damage but have only a small amount of health points.

Kasha can also form arenas and jump towards you, causing explosions upon landing.

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