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Neverwinter Game Guide by

Neverwinter Game Guide

Table of Contents

Skills | Hero Neverwinter Guide

Skill bar in Neverwinter have only few buttons and indicators - Skills - Hero - Neverwinter - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Skill bar in Neverwinter have only few buttons and indicators:

1: Two Daily powers, hexagon with Action Points, and stamina bar above it

2: Class mechanic skill

3: Class Features

4: Three Encounter powers, and two At-will skills

5: Quick use items (health potions, scrolls of teleportation etc)

6: Health bar and mount icon on the right


At-will powers are basic skills without the cooldowns fired when clicking or holding left/right mouse button.

At-will skill are not too strong, but 2-3 hits from such power should kill regular foe, those abilities are great to fill up wholes between using stronger powers, often At-wills enchance other types of skills

You will unlock first at-will skill slot at level 1 and second at level 2.


Three much stronger powers than At-will, those skills in most cases have at least 10 second cooldown and often in addition to damage or healing encounter skills can have some additional effects like increasing damage after use, marking enemies, kicking them, allowing you to jump or teleport etc

You will unlock encounter power slots on levels 3, 5 and 7.

Class Feature

Passive skills enchancing your hero in many different ways. Wisely selected Class Features can change your gameplay completely (they are often modified by Feats).

First Passive skill will be awarded to you upon reaching level 4, and you can learn another one on level 15.

Daily powers and Action Points

Daily skills fortunately can be used more than once per day, they are simply the most powerful skills your character have and their use requires 100% of Action Points (hexagon in the middle of the skill bar), using daily power empties Action Points hexagon.

You can refill Action Points by attacking, healing or taking damage (depending on your class), because Action Points refill rather slowly think twice before using Daily Power.

Daily Power slots are unlocked at levels 4 and 19.

Class mechanic

Class mechanic is unlocked on level 10, it's different from typical skills because in most cases it will affect your other actions and powers. You have only one mechanic, you can't change it.

For example Great Weapon Fighter have Unstoppable. When he is doing damage he collects "determination" and can use Unstoppable at 50% or more of determination meter. Using this mechanic will remove any CC and make GWF immune to CC, he will attack much faster with slightly less damage and will receive less damage. This mechanic will last until determination meter will hit 0.

Each class in Neverwinter have different tactic skill allowing to dodge or mitigate incoming damage - Skills - Hero - Neverwinter - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Class tactic

Each class in Neverwinter have different tactic skill allowing to dodge or mitigate incoming damage. You can activate tactic by pressing or holding "Shift", this will make your character dodge, sprint, block, teleport etc (depending on class). Time you can sprint or uses of dodge for example is determined by your stamina, each use of class tactic will use part of it and you won't be able to use tactic if you don't have enough stamina. Stamina refills itself.

Only Guardian Fighter doesn't have stamina, instead he uses guard meter.

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