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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Game Guide by

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Game Guide

Table of Contents

Quick tips | Controls Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Guide

This may very well be your first contact with a fighting game from the Naruto franchise, and given the fact that they are a little specific, you can have trouble comprehending all that is happening on the screen. Here's a list of quick tips, which will surely come in handy at the start of your journey:

  • Use your block! The game itself is extremely dynamic, and using this method can be a little weird at first sight, but thanks to that you will be able to block most of the enemy's attacks, receiving minor or none damage in the process. Remember one thing - don't overuse your block, as the enemy will break it if he/she lands enough consecutive attacks.
  • Besides block, remember about the most important principle of combat in this game - substitution. The number of consecutive constitutions is limited (it's represented by a special bar underneath your chakra one), and it starts regenerating after a few seconds after your last usage. It means, that you have to remember not to overdose it, especially when you are fighting stronger foes, with long, painful combinations of attacks, and/or during online matches, as the other player can simply lure you to use them all up to launch a stronger attack. Substitutions allow you to dodge literally every attack, regardless of the side and moment it comes at you (the only exception is a jutsu which has already hit you). The speed in which you regenerate your substitution bars can be increased by eating certain bentos and using some of ninja artifacts.
  • If you can take a follower with you, try to do so in a way that he/she will be of use to you, not only a good looking one. If you are using a character who is weak at close range, it's worth to take a follower who can fill in and offer some help in this aspect (for instance, while playing Gaara you can take Hinata with you). There are followers who work brilliantly at setting up attacks (like Sakura, who can throw an enemy into the air, where you can attack him freely), or those who can attack the enemy from afar, which is extremely helpful when you can't catch or get closer to a fleeing enemy. Experiment with various followers to find your own way.
  • Use ninja artifacts, as well as bento (in single player modes). Offensive tools won't inflict tremendous wounds to the enemy, but some of them offer various types of support abilities, like increased regeneration or decreased chakra usage, or a gigantic increase to your substitution bars regeneration. A proper selection of your ninja artifacts can make the whole encounter a lot easier.
  • If you want to fight with other people via Online play, try a lot of different characters, not only those who you play with constantly. Thanks to that, you will learn how those fighters work, which in turn will allow you to adjust your tactic to win those encounters.
  • If you are new to the franchise, you should complete "Ninja Escapades" and as many classes of Ninja World Tournament as possible - by doing so, you will learn how to use a lot of different characters, as well as various in-game mechanics, without exposing yourself to a high dosage of frustration, when you are matched with an extremely experiences player.
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