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Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Game Guide by

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Game Guide

Table of Contents

In-game terminology | Controls Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Guide

The game vastly differs from a typical fighting game, as there is a number of mechanics, which are impossible to find in other products. That is why I have decided to put a little in-game terminology section in this guide, which, without it, may turn out to be incomprehensive to those who aren't interested in the titular manga / anime. Those are:

  • Substitution - it is represented by special bars underneath the chakra bar. The substitution technique allows for a kind of a dodge maneuver - your character will jump behind the enemy's back, who tried to attack it. It's one of the most important mechanics in the game, and you must master it as soon as possible if you want to be successful at this game. Substitution segments regenerate after a short while, after the last usage of the technique - it's crucial to have one or two substitutions ready at all times.
  • Chakra - a blue bar located underneath the health of your character. Chakra is the equivalent of mana / energy, which can be found in other games. It allows you to perform various jutsus, as well as to empower your basic techniques (changing your Ninja Rush into a Chakra Rush, or normal Shurikens into Chakra Shurikens, for instance). You can regenerate chakra by pressing the appropriate key / button - after causing substantial damage to the enemy, he will also drop a few "chakra orbs", which can be absorbed to regenerate some of your own supply.
  • Storm Bar - a gauge located on the bottom of your character interface. It fills up along with the course of the fight - by inflicting and sustaining damage. After it's filled, it allows you to use your team ultimate jutsu, true awakening and / or seal barrier. It's a mechanic that can change the whole fight, if it's applied correctly.
  • Ninja Rush - it allow you to, literally, "bounce off the air", doing a maneuver in a specific direction. It is performed by double pressing the jump button - once to simply jump, and the second one to bounce off the air - while simultaneously holding the directional button / key.
  • Chakra Rush - the "upgraded" version of ninja rush, which requires chakra to be performed. To use it, you must consecutively press the chakra charge and jump button / key, while holding the directional button / key, to fly in a given direction. It consumes a small amount of chakra, but it allows you to quickly close the distance between you and the enemy, or to simply jump back in case of danger.
  • Guard Break - the game does not have any specific guard break mechanism. To perform it, all you have to do is to consecutively attack the blocking enemy - after a specific number of hits his/her guard will be broken.
  • Counterattack - it allows you to perform a counter attack, which, at the moment of receiving the enemy's attack, stuns the foe for a few seconds. To perform it, hold the block button and use the ranged weapon attack button. Using the counterattack decreases the length of your chakra bar for a short while - to get it back to normal, you will have to charge your chakra for a few seconds.
  • Throw - as the name suggests, it allows you to grab and throw the enemy. The attack is crucial, because it cannot be blocked in any way. Some of the characters can perform it from a mid-range, increasing the effectiveness of the maneuver. To perform a throw, hold the block button and press the attack.
  • Jutsu and ultimate jutsu - those two are special attacks, which are done by pressing (or double pressing, in case of ultimate jutsu) the chakra charge button, followed by the attack button. If you have the required amount of chakra, the technique will be initiated, after which an effective animation will start, and the enemy will be dealt a large amount of damage. It's one of the basic mechanics in the game.
  • Chakra overcharge - after you completely fill your chakra bar, press the chakra charge button twice in a quick succession, to activate the chakra overcharge. This mechanic is a requirement in order to use some of the abilities in the game, like ultimate jutsu, or seal barrier.
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