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My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough by

My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

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My Time at Sandrock: Farming My Time at Sandrock guide, walkthrough

The desert climate in My Time at Sandrock is not conducive to growing plants, but it is not impossible. On the following page of the guide, you will find tips on how to start a commandeered garden and where to get the necessary materials.

Last update: Wednesday, July 13, 2022

This page contains information on growing plants in your workshop area. You will learn where to get seeds and grass, how to set up plots, how to water and fertilize the plants and how to harvest them.

When can you start growing plants?

Farming only becomes possible after initiating The Grass is Greener main quest. That's when you'll obtain the Basic Planting Toolkit diagram, which is essential for all planting activities.

Where to get the necessary materials?

To fully experience the mechanics of growing plants, you first need some essential materials - My Time at Sandrock: Farming - Basics - My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

To fully experience the mechanics of growing plants, you first need some essential materials:

  1. Seeds - you can either buy various plants seeds at the Farm Store inside Moisture Farm in the northern part of the map, obtain them by picking plants in the desert or by harvesting your own crops from your garden.
  2. Straw - you can buy straw at the Farm Store for 2 Gols per 50 units. It's required to craft plots before seeding.
  3. Water - you can read about all the ways to obtain water on the Water - how to get more? page.
  4. Fertilizer - can be purchased at the Wandering Y Store northeast of your workshop or at the Water World in the Martle's Oasis area. Can also be crafted with the Blender using 2 Manure and 1 Plant Fiber.

How to plant and harvest plants?

Farming consists of several stages - My Time at Sandrock: Farming - Basics - My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

Farming consists of several stages. When you use the Basic Planting Kit, you need perform the following actions, which are assigned to subsequent keys in the menu:

  1. Create straw beds - each plant has its own requirements for the number of beds it will occupy. Most, however, require 1 square.
  2. Sow seeds - choose the seeds you want from the list and sow them in the straw squares of your choice.
  3. Water - once the seeds have been planted, water them. Unwatered squares are marked with a water drop symbol with an exclamation mark. Different plants require different amounts of water. Remember that you can't water squares that don't have seeds sown on them. This is to keep you from wasting precious water.
  4. Fertilize - this action is optional. Using fertilizer will boost the size of the yield when the plant matures.
  5. Wait - plants require a certain amount of time to grow. Depending on the type, it can take anywhere from 3 to as many as 25 days.
  6. Harvest the crop - to do so, press the second interaction button (the F key by default). Although it's an option, harvesting plants before they're fully mature is less profitable.
  7. Remove the soil - when the plant is harvested, get rid of the soil, as nothing can be replanted on it and it takes up unnecessary space in the workshop area.
Most plants only grow and bear fruit once - My Time at Sandrock: Farming - Basics - My Time at Sandrock Guide, Walkthrough

Most plants only grow and bear fruit once. The exceptions are two trees that yield repeatedly without having to be replanted. These are:

  1. The Chestnut Tree
  2. The Coffee Tea Tree

However, keep in mind that the aforementioned trees still need to be watered regularly and, optionally, fertilized. Otherwise, they won't bear fruit.

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