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MU Legend Game Guide

MU Legend Game Guide

Tips, rifts and end game in MU Legend. This game guide for MU Legend contains a plenty of tips and tricks which will help you in many ways during your journey through the Continent of Legend. Our beginner's guide consists of character classes description, rifts, crafting, end game content and much more. The walkthrough also includes builds for character classes.

MU Legend game guide includes the most essential pieces of information that might prove useful while playing the game. This game guide thoroughly describes all the key mechanics and activities, such as the Dungeon system, acquiring and upgrading pet companions, obtaining and improving pieces of gear, combat system, and interacting with other players.

  1. System requirements
  2. Controls

Tips for start

Here, you can also find some advice you can use to shorten the time spent in the Dungeons, learn when it is best to go there, and where best to go, and how to effectively eliminate the regular enemies and bosses.

  1. Starting tips - just hints for MU Legend!
  2. Fast leveling guide - How to level up really fast?


Moreover, you can learn the most effective ways to defeat monsters and other players. This game guide comprises the FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, where you can find the answers to nearly all your questions.

  1. How to get Zen? - gold and money in MU Legend.
  2. How to get a pet? - Pet Guide.
  3. How to get wings in MU Legend?

Character classes

There is also a separate part of the guide that focuses on all the character classes available in the game (Dark Lord, Blader, Warmage, and Whisperer). These chapters describe each class separately listing their strengths, weaknesses, gameplay mechanics, and suggested character builds.

  1. Dark Lord - builds and tips.
  2. Whisperer
  3. Blader
  4. Mage

Guide for beginners

When reading this game guide, you are bound to stumble upon general tips regarding the game. You can learn how to level up your character and reach consecutive Soul levels relatively fast. There is also advice regarding obtaining the currency (Zen), crafting materials, and items you can use to complete numerous activities.


A part of this guide includes a detailed description of the Dungeons, with information on different types, and the influence of the chosen difficulty level on the encountered enemies and potential rewards.

MU Legend game guide includes:

  1. Thorough explanation of all key gameplay mechanics - combat, acquiring resources and currency, interacting with other players, as well as obtaining and upgrading pieces of gear;
  2. Description of all available character classes together with the information regarding different mechanics, and suggested development paths;
  3. Detailed description of the Dungeons, featuring all Dungeon types, the influence of the chosen difficulty level on potential loot and encountered enemies, and the methods of eliminating them;
  4. Some advice regarding all the aspects of gameplay;
  5. FAQ section including the answers to the most bothersome questions.

Jakub Bugielski (

About MU Legend Game Guide

Author : Jakub "jbugielski" Bugielski for

Translator : Mateusz "Ictius" Sawka & Michal "HANK" Wloczko

last update : December 7, 2017

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MU Legend Video Game

  • genre: RPG

  • developer: Webzen Inc.
  • publisher: Webzen Inc.
  • platform: PC

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