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Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough by

Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough

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Mortal Shell: NG+ - how does it work? Mortal Shell guide, walkthrough

Last update: Wednesday, September 2, 2020

On this page of the Mortal Shell guide you will find out how the New Game+ works, how to unlock it, what you save and lose by selecting NG+ and what changes.

How to unlock NG+?

Once you have defeated The Unchained, the game will ask you if you want to Ascend - Mortal Shell: NG+ - how does it work? - FAQ - Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough

Once you have defeated The Unchained, the game will ask you if you want to Ascend. In both cases you will see the end credits. By selecting NO, you will not start NG+. Instead, you return to Sester Genessa in Fallgrim Tower and you will be able to explore the game world again. By choosing YES, you end the game and start New Game+.

What changes in NG+?

When playing Mortal Shell in NG+, you can expect the gameplay to be much more different than the first.

  1. Sester Genessa is now selling Quenching Acid - you need it to improve weapons. Thus, weapons can be upgraded to a maximum of +10.
  2. All opponents and bosses inflict increased damage and have more health points.
  3. Opponents drop 50% more Tar.
  4. Grisha drop 1 Glimpse more.
  5. Of course, all the bosses will reappear.
  6. The most important change - if you use Harden, your character will still receive a small amount of damage.

Will I lose all my gear in NG+?

No, there are some things that don't transfer over to NG+, like key items such as Glands. In addition, you lose the ability to teleport to the discovered Sester Genessa. You must meet them again. However, all your Shells, weapons, Tar, Glimpse and Consumable Items will stay in your inventory after starting NG+.

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