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Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough by

Mortal Shell Guide, Walkthrough

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Mortal Shell: Trophies list Mortal Shell guide, walkthrough

Last update: Friday, August 21, 2020

Mortal Shell has 26 achievements. You'll get some of them as the story progresses. When it comes to other trophies, you will have to do all sorts of things to get them. The following page provides a description and instructions on how to unlock all trophies.


Goal: Get all trophies in the game.

Comment: You get this trophy after unlocking all of the ones described below.

Forever Alone

Goal: Complete the game without merging with any Shell (character class).

Comment: There are four character classes in the game, the so-called Shells. You have to complete the entire game without selecting any character class, and by playing as a character that can die from a single hit.

Face off

Goal: Defeat Hadern in the tutorial.

Comment: Hadern is the first boss you will have to deal with in the tutorial. If you lose, you will continue the game. You have to beat him the first time.

Seeker of False Truths

Goal: Unlock all secrets.

Comment: The game has 36 collectibles (inscriptions and etchings). You have to collect them all to get the trophy. Collectibles are scattered throughout the game world.

Fun Guy

Goal: Pick 50 mushrooms.

Comment: Mushrooms regenerate your health and give you immunity to poison. You have to pick up 50 mushrooms found around the game world. Mushrooms are scattered everywhere, so you just need to know their spawn location.

Step Goal

Goal: Kill an opponent with a bear trap.

Comment: Bear traps are most often found in the forest, which is the starting location. Provoke your opponent to walk towards you. When they step into a trap, they will receive damage. This damage must be fatal - this is the only way to get this trophy.

Life is Suffering

Goal: Complete the game in Obsidian Dark form.

Comment: This trophy is similar to Forever Alone. To gain the Obsidian Dark form, you must renounce humanity in the sanctuary.

Brigand Life

Goal: You've wasted your life away with Baghead.

Comment: Baghead is an NPC located in Fallgrim. This character tells you about the world of the game. When you talk to him, he'll ask you if you have certain items in your inventory. He wants One Roasted Rat and One Superior Moonshine. After giving him a Moonshine, he will ask you if "spend time with him forever" the next time you see him. Accept the offer. This will trigger a cut-scene followed by end credits. Don't worry about losing progress - once the credits are over you go back to the part right before Baghead asked you the question. Say no and keep playing. The trophy will be unlocked.

Bars Tended

Goal: Familiarize yourself with all items.

Comment: You familiarize yourself with the items by using them. Once an item reaches maximum familiarity, you will get bonuses when using them.

Flesh and Instinct

Goal: Find your first Shell.

Comment: The first Shell can be found at the very beginning of the location you reach after completing the tutorial.

Is This a Sparta?

Goal: Kill an opponent by kicking them off a platform.

Comment: You can kick by spending 1 resolve charge. However, you must first unlock the "Recollection of Strength" skill. Any opponent of normal size is suitable for this achievement.

Bring the Glands Back to Me

Goal: Take Gland to Dark Father.

Comment: After beating the first 3 main bosses, you will gain access to one of the three gland key items. Take these items to Fallgrim Tower and give them to the Old Prisoner.

The Good Times are Killing me

Goal: You jammed with a brigand.

Comment: You can get a lute in many parts of the game. You can get it by looting enemies' bodies or even from chests. To get this trophy, you have to find opponents who sit and play the lute. Once you've found one, approach him slowly from behind and play the lute together. This action will unlock the trophy.

Sugar Baby

Goal: Spend 50,000 Tar at Vlas' store.

Comment: Collecting 50,000 Tar is a difficult task. There's one vendor in the game and he doesn't buy things from you. This means you have to earn the money by farming opponents. You don't have to spend all this Tar at once.


Goal: Make 100 successful parries.

Comment: You get the skill when you get the Tarnished Seal and interact with the Old Prisoner in Fallgrim Tower. Then you have to perform 100 successful parries.

You Seem Different...

Goal: Unlock all Shells in the game.

Comment: You get the trophy by unlocking all four Shells.

Different Kinds of Grisha

Goal: Defeat all versions of Grisha.

Comment: You have to beat 3 different types of Grisha. Weak Grisha, Normal Grisha and Enslaved Grisha.

Crossed the Threshold

Goal: Finish Mortal Shell.

Comment: You get the trophy after finishing the game.

Faded the Fire

Goal: Defeat Imrod, the Unrepentant.

Comment: You get the trophy by defeating boss Imrod, the Unrepentant.

Matryr'd the Martyr

Goal: Defeat Tarsus, the First Martyr.

Comment: You get the trophy by defeating boss Tarsus, the First Martyr.

Tragic Loss

Goal: Defeat Crucix, the Twiceborn.

Comment: You get the trophy by defeating boss Crucix, the Twiceborn.

Felled the Glandfather

Goal: Defeat The Unchained.

Comment: You get the trophy by defeating the final boss.

Nailed It

Goal: Kill two or more opponents with a single shot from the Balistazooka.

Comment: Balistazooka is a long-range weapon. To get it, buy Tools back from the dealer and then repair the weapon. The easiest way to do this is on human opponents. Provoke two opponents, line them in a vertical line, and shoot, killing two opponents.

It's me

Goal: Kill an opponent using the Hardened Plunge skill.

Comment: Jump down from a height on an opponent and kill him by performing a Hardened Plunge.

The Nihilist

Goal: Renounce humanity.

Comment: Interact with the shrine and renounce humanity to get this trophy. Renunciation deprives you of Shells and upgrades.


Goal: Pet the cat belonging to Vlas.

Comment: Vlas is a merchant. There is a cat behind him you can pet. Do this to unlock the trophy.

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