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Mordhau Guide and Tips by

Mordhau Guide and Tips

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What perks are the best in Mordhau? Mordhau guide, tips

In Mordhau you have the opportunity to create your own warrior. In addition to selecting the appearance of the character, as well as the choice of weapons, you can also acquire several skills. You can choose from a dozen of different perks, and the number of points that you may spent is limited - so it's worth making the right choice. On this page of our guide you will learn which skills to choose and which perks are the best in Mordhau.

Which perks are best in Mordhau?

In the game you will find several universal perks. - What perks are the best in Mordhau? - Combat - Mordhau Guide and Tips
In the game you will find several universal perks.

Of course, the choice of perks strictly depends on the character's build - skills must match your playing style. However, there are a few perks that stand out from the rest and are suitable for most builds. In the following table you will find the name, value and features of perks, which can be 'called the best' in the game. Also, we have published comments arguing the selection of specified perks.







Restores all hit points after killing an enemy

Expensive, but probably the best perk in the game. Restoring health after each kill incredibly increases the chances of winning a fight with multiple opponents at the same time. It allows you to stay longer on the battlefield, without the need to roll back or use the medical kits to restore health.



Jump back or jumping sideways executes evade

The ability to Dodge is great for one-on-one fights. It provides an additional way (except blocking) of avoiding damage.

Second Wind


Hitting enemy grants you additional stamina.

Additional stamina will be useful in any situation - thanks to it you can effectively fight. Perk is cheap, and stamina injection with each hit is superb.



Health restores 66% faster

The last perk in the table hasn't got such a huge impact on the gameplay as the others, but it's a very valuable skill. Perk affects the health regeneration rate outside the battle, and it allows you to quickly return to battle. In addition, the perk is pretty cheap.

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