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Mordhau Guide and Tips by

Mordhau Guide and Tips

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Console commands in Mordhau Mordhau guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, May 9, 2019

In Mordhau you can use useful commands to manage your server. Any player can enable the console to enter commands, but if you want the commands to work, you must be an administrator of the server - you may become the admin of the server by hosting a local match. Teams allow you to influence many aspects of the game. With their help, you can add new bots, slow down time or even change the size of your character. Below you will find a list of console commands available in Mordhau.

Console commands in Mordhau

All commands below must be entered in the game console. The console is switched on by pressing ~ (tilde) key on the keyboard. Clicking the button will open the console - you can now proceed to entering the following commands.

  1. adminlogin - enter administrator mode. You need to enter this command if you want to use the following features.
  2. addbots x - adds bots to the game, where x equals number of bots.
  3. kick [player name] - kicks out the player with the specified name from the server.
  4. ban [player name] - bans the player with the specified name from the server.
  5. unban [player name] - unbans the player with the specified name from the server.
  6. banlist - displays the list of banned players.
  7. changelevel [map name] - changes the current map to the one specified in the command.
  8. restartlevel - restarts the current match.
  9. Stat FPS - enable frame rate per second (FPS) counter.
  10. Slomo x - changes the game speed, where x = speed value. For example, a value of 2 will speed up gameplay twice, and a value of 0.5 will slow it down twice.
  11. PlayersOnly - makes all bots stop moving.
  12. ChangeSize x - changes the size of your character, where x = size value. The standard value is 1.
  13. m.ShowCrosshair 0 - turn off the crosshair.
  14. Disconnect - leave the server.
  15. exit - quit game.
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