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Mordhau Guide and Tips by

Mordhau Guide and Tips

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How to regenerate health in Mordhau? Mordhau guide, tips

In Mordhau you will constantly participate in battles. On the battlefield, you have no chance to avoid or block all strikes - you'll still take damage in the end. Therefore, you should know how to recover your lost health points. There are several ways to do this, and this site answers the question - How to recover and regenerate your health in Mordhau?

How to regenerate health?

You can use your first aid kit or a first aid kit left by your ally. - How to regenerate health in Mordhau? - Combat - Mordhau Guide and Tips
You can use your first aid kit or a first aid kit left by your ally.

A reduced health bar and a red glow on the screen indicate that your character has been injured. In Mordhau you can regenerate health in four ways - if you want to be cured, use the following options:

  1. Medic Bag - medical bag is an item that you can buy for 300 gold and 2 points. Medic Bag occupies one equipment slot. To use it, simply throw it on the ground, and then hold the key indicated on the screen. After a while, your health will be fully restored. Medic Bag can also be used by your allies.
  2. Bandage - bandage can be bought for 300 gold and 1 point. It works just like a Medic Bag, but you don't share it with your allies.
  3. Bloodlust Perk - Bloodlust ability (costs 5 points) restores your full health after you kill a single enemy.
  4. Automatic recovery - the last way is to wait for the automatic recovery of health. It switches on when you're out of combat. The speed of automatic regeneration can be increased by buying Tenacious perk (for 1 point).
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