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Monster Hunter Rise Guide

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Monster Hunter Rise: Apex monsters Monster Hunter Rise guide, walkthrough

This page of the Monster Hunter Rise guide contains the most important information about Apex monsters.

Last update: Wednesday, January 19, 2022

This page of the Monster Hunter Rise guide is dedicated to Apex monsters. We explain how they differ from ordinary beasts and what Apex monsters you can encounter in the game.

Apex monster - what is it?

Apex is a type of monster found in Monster Hunter Rise. Apex monsters lead hordes of monsters attacking Fortress in Rampage missions and appear with the last wave. By their strength, Apex monsters can be compared to Elder Dragon class of enemies.

Below you will find a list of All Apex monsters:

  1. Apex Arzuros,
  2. Apex Rathian,
  3. Apex Mizutsune,
  4. Apex Rathalos,
  5. Apex Diablos,
  6. Apex Zinogre.
Apex monsters are much stronger than their normal counterparts and have additional offensive abilities up their sleeve - Monster Hunter Rise: Apex monsters - Basics - Monster Hunter Rise Guide

Apex monsters are much stronger than their normal counterparts and have additional offensive abilities up their sleeve. These beasts are distinguished by a different color of anointing, glowing red eyes and a larger body size.

Fighting Apex monsters

During a Rampage, the Apex monster will focus on destroying the gate first and will not start chasing the hunters until it is attacked. Apex can sometimes summon small groups of monsters, and his roar can enrage all other beasts.

When the Apex Monster enters the area, it will unleash an attack that deals heavy damage to nearby barriers and platforms, then immediately heads to the main gate. Any roar of the Apex monster will summon other monsters to his vicinity.

One of the Apex monster's roars, signaled by the Kamura Warriors ' dialogue, signifies the Beast's preparation for a powerful attack, inflicting massive damage on the main gate. If the hunters can stop this attack in time, the Apex monster will calm down.

{ramkazielona} Apex monster cannot be captured. The only way to defeat the beast is to deprive him of all his health points or protect the main gate until the end of the Rampage {/ramkazielona}

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