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Minecraft Guide

Table of Contents

Minecraft: Hoglins, Nether Update - what's new? Minecraft guide, tips

Hoglins: whare to find? How to breed? What do they drop? Materials, resources; Hoglins - water and fire; attitude and types, tips

Last update: 10 July 2020

Hoglins are new beasts added to Minecraft with the Nether Update. You can only see them in the titular Nether.


Hoglins move in flocks, usually consisting of 3 or 4 creatures. You will find them in crimson forests.

Hoglin materials

A dead adult hoglin drops:

  1. raw porkchop;
  2. leather;
  3. experience.

Baby hoglins drop only experience.

Hoglins - water and fire

Hoglins cannot swim, meaning they will drown in the water.

They aren't resistant to fire or lava. If you drag them into an environment like this, they will burn.

Attitude and types

Hoglins come in three versions: regular, baby, and as Zoglins.

Hoglin's attack

Hoglins attack you if you are within a radius of 32 blocks or less. When an adult hoglin attacks you, it will throw you into the air.

Baby hoglins

Small hoglins are aggressive, too. They inflict far less damage and don't throw you into the air. If you attack a baby hoglin, it will just run away.

Despite the negative relations between Hoglins and Piglins, their babies don't exhibit such behavior. On the contrary. Baby Piglins like to ride on baby Hoglins.


If a hoglin is reborn or moved to the Overworld or The End, it will start to shudder and turn into a Zoglin after 15 seconds.

Breeding hoglins

You can breed hoglins with scarlet mushrooms. A baby hoglin appears in front of its parents. However, if it gets scared, the animal will run away. Feeding a baby Hoglin shortens the time need to reach adulthood by 10%.

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