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Minecraft: Wither, boss battle Minecraft guide, tips

Wither - how to fight and defeat? Boss fight walkthrough, tips, advice

Last update: 12 July 2020

On this page of our Minecraft guide, you will find a description of the battle with Wither. This is a much more challenging opponent than the Ender Dragon.

Wither - Minecraft: Wither, boss battle - Boss battles - Minecraft Guide

Direct combat with Wither is much more difficult than that with the Ender Dragon. Wither is tougher, his attacks are stronger and he is capable of throwing explosives. He can also poison your character with the, so called, Wither effect, which swiftly reduces your healthpoints. He also attacks all mobs within sight, including the neutral ones. He can cause a lot of damage, which is why he should not be spawned near your house.

For the battle, prepare the bow, but also a good sword. The most important here, however, is a good armor and a supply of potions, and even more importantly - a good strategy. It is, practically, impossible to fight with Wither without a good battle plan prepared, because he will be chasing you for as long as you are alive, until you hide or he is distracted by another mob.

The basic method of fighting consists in summoning Wither and escaping quickly - because the monster strives to get full health and, once he attains it, he creates a large explosion. Then, start shooting the bow at him. When his health drops to 50%, use the diamond enchanted sword and, optionally, the potion of strength.

If you use allied mobs (wolf, Iron/Snow Golem) they may prove to be more of an obstacle than help, e.g. if they run next to you and Wither will be throwing explosives at them - they you can also take damage. However, the Iron Golem can fight him off for long and it can effectively distract his attention. You can also make a hole in a rock, w here you build Wither, and Iron Golems waiting for him - if Wither does not fly up into the air to escape, 2-3 Golems may handle the problem.

Another effective method is to build a tunnel 1x2, where you will be able to spawn Wither. He will be trying to follow you, but he will have to make a wider tunnel firs, which should take him a lot of time. Meanwhile, you can use the bow to eliminate him. You can also make things easier for yourself by planting TNT charges, in the tunnels openings, which Wither will detonate by shooting at the wall and at them, at the same time.

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