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Minecraft Dungeons Guide by

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

Table of Contents

Minecraft Dungeons: Best improvements Minecraft Dungeons guide, walkthrough

On this page of our guide to Minecraft Dungeons we have described the best item improvements. Thanks to them you will be able to create the most interesting builds and test different ways of gameplay.


Let's start with the Committed improvement. It allows you to deal more damage to wounded enemies. This way you can easily kill opponents and clear the area.

  1. Level 1 - 50% higher injuries;
  2. Level 2 - 70% higher injuries;
  3. Level 3 - 100% higher injuries.


Another skill worth noting is Exploding. By using this enhancement, your opponents will explode after death. This way, they may cause damage to their comrades. This upgrade works well if you want to defeat huge hordes of opponents.

  1. Level 1 - 20% of the opponent's health is turned into damage;
  2. Level 2 - 20% of the opponent's health is turned into damage;
  3. Level 3 - 20% of the opponent's health is turned into damage.

Fire Aspect

Sets opponents on fire for three seconds, inflicting damage over time: It's a good idea to combine this upgrade with Commited. This way you will make it much easier for yourself to eliminate your enemies. Also, wounded enemies will not pose a threat to you.

  1. Level 1 - 14 injuries per second;
  2. Level 2 - 17 injuries per second;
  3. Level 3 - 20 injuries per second.

Poison Cloud

Summons a cloud of poison that injures enemies for three seconds: It works just as well as Fire Aspect. It is also worth combining this improvement with Commited. This will make it much easier to defeat larger groups of opponents.

  1. Level 1 - 9 injuries per second;
  2. Level 2 - 18 injuries per second;
  3. Level 3 - 26 injuries per second.

Soul Siphon

Soul Siphon works great with soul-using weapons. If you hit an opponent, your chances of obtaining souls are increased:

  1. Level 1 - 3 souls;
  2. Level 2 - 6 souls;
  3. Level 3 - 9 souls.

If you want to see the other improvements and enhancements available in Minecraft Dungeons, then check another section of our guide - List of all enhancements and improvements.

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