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Minecraft Dungeons Guide by

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

Table of Contents

Minecraft Dungeons: Artifacts - list, how they work Minecraft Dungeons guide, walkthrough

Artifacts are additional abilities in Minecraft Dungeons that can be collected during gameplay. These are active skills that affect your character's strength, often providing additional buffs and enhancements. On this page of our guide we have described the artifacts which can be found in the game.

Light Feather

Light Feather allows for additional evasive action, during which the surrounding opponents are temporarily stunned.

Wind Horn

Wind Horn push your enemies away for a considerable distance. It's a good skill for long-distance runners.

Flaming Quiver

It changes your arrows into fire arrows. So you can set your opponents on fire.

Fishing Rod

Use it to draw your opponents and stun them, making them an easy target.

Death Cap Mushroom

This upgrade significantly boosts the consumer's attack and movement speed.

Tasty Bone

This active skill summons a dog that will support you in battle. We have described this feature in a separate section of our guide.

Fireworks Arrow

Fires a rocket that inflicts severe damage on your opponents and knocks them back.

Boots of Swiftness

Boots of Swiftness increase your speed.

Corrupted Beacon

This is a special weapon which uses your opponent souls as ammunition. It has a large range and specific damage, making it suitable for fighting hordes of opponents or bosses.

Totem of Regeneration

This totem gives you the ability to regenerate. All you have to do is put it on the ground and stay within its range. This way your character will continue to heal.

Ghost Cloak

Ghost Cloak is a defensive skill that allows you to disappear for a few seconds with increased speed and some additional resistance to injuries.


Harvester is a book that accelerates the gathering of Souls.

Iron Hide Amulet

The amulet provides significant protection against enemy strikes but it has a long cooldown.

Lightning Rod

A weapon powered by souls. It allows you to hit multiple opponents at the same time, inflicting heavy damage and stunning them.

Love Medallion

Love Medallion will turn some of your opponents into allies causing them to attack enemy forces.

Shock Powder

Shock Powder creates a large cloud which stuns all nearby opponents.

Soul Healer

This medallion draws its power from souls. It will regenerate health of your character and of the members of your team.

Torment Quiver

With this skill you gain three arrows that can fly through walls.

Wonderful Wheat

Like Tasty Bone, it summons an ally that supports you in the battle. This time it's a llama.

Golem Kit

Same effect as Tasty Bone. Like Tasty Bone, it summons an ally that supports you in the battle - this time it's an Iron Golem.

Gong of Weakening

This is a special skill that allows you to weaken your opponent attacks.

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