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Minecraft Dungeons Guide by

Minecraft Dungeons Guide

Table of Contents

Minecraft Dungeons: Interface guide Minecraft Dungeons guide, walkthrough

On the separate page of our Minecraft Dungeons game guide you can find a description of the levels:

1 - Username

In the top right corner you will find your username and your avatar. It's just a cosmetic feature that will make it easier for you to identify the character you're playing.

2 - Friends

If you're playing with friends, in the top right corner of the screen you'll find a section for inviting them and their icons.

3 - Inventory

Click the 'I' key to open the Inventory. There you can sell items, improve them and distribute them as you wish.

4, 5, 6 - Artifacts

These are special items that you will acquire/purchase during the course of the game. They allow you to use additional skills, such as health regeneration. That's how you can constantly strengthen and develop your hero.

7 - Souls

Souls are the type of ammunition that are obtained by killing your opponents. They replenish ammunition for special weapons.

8 - Health points

Health points are an obvious indicator found in the interface. A huge heart allows you to constantly control your stats.

9 - Potions

Right next to the health status marker there is a health potion. It has a cooldown. All you have to do is wait a few seconds and you can heal your hero again.

10 - Map

The map is a very important feature that should be used often during your journey. It will help you find concealed passages and places where secrets can be hidden. Additionally, you will find out where to go and how many chests or secrets are waiting in a specific location.

11 - Roll

This marker shows the possibility of performing a roll. It's a skill that replaces jumping and dodging.

12 - Arrows

This icon indicates the number of arrows you have. Remember, ammunition is very important. If you run out of arrows, you won't be able to attack your opponents from a distance.

Arrows are often dropped by opponents or you may find them in chests. You don't have any predefined limit, so collect all the arrows that you may come across on your way.

13 - Experience level

Just below the map, roll and arrows, there is a narrow bar that shows your experience points. After each level up you can upgrade your items and heal your character.

14 - Emeralds and crystals

The last marker is used to show the amount of gathered emeralds (also known as crystals). This is the currency available in Minecraft Dungeons. You can use it to buy armor, weapons and artifacts.

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