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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 32 - To Know Too Much | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General info about the mission

The thirty-second mission in Metal Gear Solid V is the one in which the second, extra chapter of the main campaign begins. Aside from optional objectives, the mission consists in locating and rescuing a CIA agent and you can do it either while he is still hiding on the desert, or after he's been transported to the ruins of the palace (the task is more difficult then). There are also optional objectives to complete - you can exfiltrate the search team members, rescue two other prisoners, extract a jeep driver and stop the attempt to murder the CIA agent.

Mission objectives

  • MANDATORY (1/1): Extracted CIA agent - you can extract the agent while he is still on the desert or after he's been transported to Lamar Khaate Palace (he will be put in one of the buildings near the ruins).
  • OPTIONAL (1/5): Extracted CIA agent before his discovery by the search team - you have to reach the desert as fast as you can and find the agent before the enemies with Walker Gears approach him.
  • OPTIONAL (2/5): Extracted 4 search team soldiers - the members of the search team use Walker Gears. You can find them on the desert, looking for the agent, but later they will go to Lamar Khaate Palace.
  • OPTIONAL (3/5): Extracted driver of transport vehicle - by default, the jeep is parked near Lamar Khaate Palace, but it will head to the desert after the agent is found.
  • OPTIONAL (4/5): Extracted 2 prisoners being held in Shago Village and Lamar Khaate Palace - the prisoner in Da Shago Kallai is held on the ground floor of the main building, and the one in Lamar Khaate Palace is in a large cage next to the palace.
  • OPTIONAL (5/5): Extracted the Soviet soldier planning to assassinate the CIA agent - you have to wait until the CIA agent is found and transported to Lamar Khaate Palace and until the murderer is identified.

Mission preparation

The best time to play this mission is at night. When completing the mission for the first time (if you want to obtain the S rank) take D-Horse with you, which will allow you to reach the CIA agent long before the search team arrives. When completing the mission for the second time however, you can choose D-Dog, because it will be easier for you to locate the prisoners and members of the search team.

If you can, take a sniper rifle with you, with non-lethal ammunition. This will allow you to neutralize the soldiers in Walker Gears and the murderer with no trouble. Moreover, you should equip yourself in stealth suit, because it is easier for the enemy to detect you on the desert than on mountainous territory.

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