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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 21 - The War Economy | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General description

The twenty first mission of Metal Gear Solid V will allow you to revisit an airport which you have already visit in one of the previous main missions. Your main task is to interrupt the meeting of an arms dealer and a CFA official. The game basically requires you to kill the official however you may also complete this mission by, for example, extraction of these both characters after listening to their conversation. The side tasks are not the easiest to complete since they are focused on stealing the containers from the air sheds which may be possible only after receiving the upgraded fulton device. The other side task is to shoot down the helicopter to receive a rare recipe.

Available tasks

  • PRIMARY (1/1): Eliminated the CFA official - The best way to murder the official is to when he is still in the helicopter. You may also kidnap him when he will appear in the airport what will allow you to complete an optional task.
  • SECONDARY (1/7): Identified the arms dealer - He is on the first floor of the Nova Braga Airport building. You may get close to him or just wait for him to leave the building with the official (in both cases you shall use your binoculars).
  • SECONDARY (2/7): Identified the CFA official - The best moment to do it is when the helicopter with the official will land on the Nova Braga Airport however you may also wait for him and the arms dealer to start a control round in the base.
  • SECONDARY (3/7): Extracted the CFA official - The best way to complete this task is to secure the area surrounding the helicopter airstrip on the Nova Braga Airport and to use a stun ammunition to knock down the official soon after the landing.
  • SECONDARY (4/7): Extracted the arms dealer - You may knock down the arms dealer even before the official's arrival what will require you to bring him outside the building to fulton him away. You may also do this when he will participate in a control round in the base.
  • SECONDARY (5/7): Listened to all conversations between the arms dealer and the CFA official - You have to complete an entire mission while being undetected. To accomplish that you shall keep close to the roof of the main building of Nova Braga Airport (the same which is protected by the snipers) and use your binoculars to listen to all of the conversations from a safe distance.
  • SECONDARY (6/7): Secured the blueprint the gunship was carrying - You have to take down the helicopter before it will land with official or in the later part of the mission. After that you need to get to its wreckage and find the blueprint.
  • SECONDARY (7/7): Extracted the materials container inside the Nova Braga Airport hangar - Containers are in the northern hangar and you may fulton them away after unlocking the Wormhole upgrade.


Trying to complete this mission during a night will be much easier than during a day since it will help you get to the arms dealer and listen to your targets' conversations as well as to extract them. Selecting a buddy is not essential here. D-Horse will help you get to the airport faster, D-Dog will detect your enemies and Quiet may eliminate them if you don't want to stay undetected.

You will benefit from taking a good rocket launcher which you may use to destroy a helicopter to either kill the official or to complete an optional task focused on taking a blueprint.

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