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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

Mission 19 - On the Trail | Walkthrough MGS V: TPP Guide

General info about the mission

The nineteenth mission in Metal Gear Solid V is not a very complex one. The main objective here is to locate the Major and you can do it on your own, or by following one of his subordinates and trying to stay unnoticed. After identifying the Major, you can kill him or exfiltrate him (the same for the subordinate). Two optional objectives consist in eavesdropping on the Major's conversation with his subordinate and rescuing a prisoner from nearby village (a very easy task).

Mission objectives

  • PRIMARY (1/2): Identified the PF commander, the Major - he is waiting for his subordinate in the eastern part of the map (near guard post number 13). You can find him on your own (a good idea if you want to obtain the S rank) or follow his subordinate.
  • PRIMARY (2/2): Eliminated the PF commander, the Major - you can kill him or extract him, which will allow you to complete another optional objective.
  • SECONDARY (1/5): Identified subordinate of the PF commander, the Major - you will find this person near guard post number 15. Use the binoculars to identify him (an african-american man without any cap). After a while, the subordinate will head to a meeting with the Major.
  • SECONDARY (2/5): Extracted the PF commander, the Major - before you try to extract the Major alive, you should deal with his guards. You can drive away from the mission area with the Major, Fulton him or reach the landing site.
  • SECONDARY (3/5): Extracted the subordinate of the PF commander, the Major - you can attack the subordinate at the beginning of the mission, stop his car when he is on the way or knock him out after the meeting is over. The last variant is the best, but quite risky, because the target may get killed or leave the map.
  • SECONDARY (4/5): Extracted prisoner being held at Munoko ya Nioka Station, NE Guard Post - it is guard post number 16, where you can find the Major's subordinate. You will find the prisoner in one of the buildings.
  • SECONDARY (5/5): Listened to the conversation between the PF commander (the Major) and his subordinate - you have to reach the meeting place (the best way is to follow the subordinate), find a good spot on some hill and listen to the whole conversation using the binoculars.

Mission preparations

Just like in every mission of this kind, the best time to complete it is at night. This will make it easier for you to stay unnoticed. If you plan to follow the subordinate through the whole map, you can choose D-Horse as your companion. If you want to head straight to the Major's location, you can take Quiet with you so that she can help you get rid of the guards if you are noticed.

Before starting the mission, make sure that you have the best weapon with non-lethal ammunition, especially if you plan to extract the Major and his subordinate.

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