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Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough by

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Guide & Walkthrough

Table of Contents

MGS V starting tips | Controls MGS V: TPP Guide

We have listed below few tips addressed to people who have just begun or are going to begin the adventure with MGS V: The Phantom Rain. Some of these tips are developed in further chapters of this guide.

1. If you have an opportunity to do so you should play Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes since it is game which we could call a prologue to Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. It will help you to understand the somewhat complex plot of the series and will also help you to understand the game's mechanics better since The Phantom Pain right after the opening mission will throw you on one of the main areas and you will have not much time to practice. In Ground Zeroes you should at least try to complete the main quest however the side quests may also be useful since you will be able to use your progress to your advantage during The Phantom Pain. You will receive new skins, new staff for your Mother Base and so on (you may read about it in a separate chapter).

2. Metal Gear Solid V does not force you to use a specific playstyle during the game however you will benefit the most from every quest (with rewards such as the highest ranks, a lot of cash, new allies and so on) if you will act undetected and you will avoid killing random enemies. You shall try to eliminate your enemies by stunning them or by putting them to sleep. Remember that once you will do that to someone he or she may wake up later on and become an obstacle again.

3. Don't worry if you will not be able to do something during the mission as you would like to, for example if you will fail in achieving a high rank or you will not complete one of the side tasks. Metal Gear Solid V allows you to repeat already completed missions what you may start doing once you get to the Mother Base. Repeating missions will also allow you to use some options (such as "fultoning" the enemies) which were unavailable earlier on.

4. While completing the missions you shall also remember about the side activities you may take care of. Don't Focus your entire on the main plot but try to also look out for a way to save some additional hostages or gathering extra resources or diamonds which are going to be useful when you will develop your Mother Base.

5. A lot of equipment parts and other important tools are going to unlock by itself during the progression of the main plot. Some of them are received automatically although you have to put some effort into getting other ones (for example you have to find the D-Dog or a Russian translator by yourself). These important situations are also marked in our guide so you will be able to not skip any of them.

6. The game's world of Metal Gear Solid V will interestingly react to your actions in a global scale. If you will constantly repeat some schemes of actions it may result in increasing enemies' defenses. For example if you will try to complete every mission during the night you will be able to notice that new enemy bases will be much better patrolled during this time - they will use some additional headlights, more patrols and so on. Try to modify your tactics and compromise them with your orders so you will be able to keep being undetected.

7. If you don't mind spoilers you may prefer to read a mission introduction from our guide before you will start to play any mission. It will help you to learn what dangerous situation you may avoid and what items you shall take with you. It will allow you to avoid additional obstacles such as choppers or tanks which you could destroy with explosives instead of just running around them in shadows.

8. Metal Gear Solid V does not allow you to save the game where you want. Your progress will be saved automatically from time to time and it will be announced by a yellow icon in upper right corner of the screen. It happens mostly when you get closer to a new post, village or mission target. Keep track of it and don't quit the game prematurely if you haven't reach any checkpoint in some time. Remember about it also when you try to unlock any secret. You may lose your progress if you will quit the game, fail a mission or die without reaching a new save point.

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