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Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Game Guide by

Mercenaries 2: World in Flames Game Guide

Table of Contents

Game Guide - Information and tips Mercenaries 2 Guide

Last update: Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Information and tips

When you choose a mercenary you have to decide what is the most important for you - better speed, more ammo or faster health regeneration. Each mercenary has different attributes. At the very beginning I recommend you Mattias Nilsson. He is the one with better health regeneration.

Before you start a mission prepare yourself properly. There is many combinations with equipment sets but I recommend assault gun, anti-aircraft rocket launcher, some grenades and C4. Whit equipment like this one you will be able to cope with everyone and everything

Each time when you find a package with money, a tank truck with petrol or bombs (for jet pilot) clean the area from anti-aircraft installations and call helicopter with Ewan. That's gonna add all this stuffs to your collection. Just go to the particular object press action button and use flare to show to the pilot where he has to go.

In Venezuela you will come up against many factions. Remember that Universal Petroleum is allied with United Nations, P.L.A.V. with China, pirates are not related to other groups (except main character at the beginning whom they treat neutrally). Venezuela Army is an enemy for everyone and everything. You can improve your relationship with others by making missions for them (which mostly mean that you have to attack someone). Be informed that United Nations and China will appear on your map after Get Solano mission.

There is many ways to earn money. The most efficient one is to make normal missions. Then capturing posts, dispatching VIPs , demolishing occupied buildings, bets or destroying billboards. You can also earn money by killing private soldiers from some factions. One United Nations or Chinese warrior gives you $50.000, Universal Petroleum or P.L.A.V. $5.000.

Take care of civilians. You will loose $5.000 if you kill one of them. At the beginning it is very important but after a few missions you will become a wealthy person so it won't be a problem anymore. It concerns also a Fiona's car which is parked next to your mansion. If you destroy it some of your money will disappear.

Air support is extremely important. Thanks to artillery and bombing you can quickly and efficiently eliminate huge group of enemies, demolish occupied buildings and blow up heavy vehicles. What is more, airdrops with equipment and vehicles are also available. This stuffs will make that you will be able to adapt yourself to constantly changing situations.

Whole air support is bought in stores. Each post offers quite wide variety of 'tools' which are useful during a battle. To be able to buy something from particular faction you have to be at least neutral for them (that's obvious - no one sells bombs to its own enemies). The number of available elements of assortment depends on the number of missions which we finished for our seller (faction).

Air support is available after neutralizing air defense. Observe your radar and seek red marks. S and AA shows rocket launchers and anti-aircraft gun. JAM informs you about... jam which makes satellite support unavailable. Unfortunately your radar doesn't show soldiers with rockets. You have to find them by yourself.

It is hard to steal enemies' vehicles but you should know that successful stealing (for example a tank) will give you a great advantage. An instance of hijacking of vehicles means that you have to quickly press indicated buttons like in others so-called quick-time-events. To get a jeep you'll be forced to use only one button, but heavy vehicles and tanks need much more effort. And remember that you can steal a heavy vehicles only if the machine gun position is without a shooter.

An instance of hijacking of helicopters is possible only if have a rope with a hook. You will get one after recruiting Eve.

During a battle with a heavy vehicle aim at it back. There is the weakest armor.

If you want to make your relations with other faction better you should pay a visit to Fiona and speak with her. She will help you offer a bribe. The cost of the bribe depends on the relation between you and organization which will be offered. Usually it amounts about 3-5 millions.

Stealing of vehicles allows to avoid unnecessary attention. Let's say, that you want to get on the territory controlled by United Nations (red color on your radar). Even if your relations with them are great your presence will start a fire. But if you steal their vehicle before you reach their territory you will be able to explore it without a fight. Remember also that if you stay to long next to them (or you start shooting) they will uncover you.

Hiding in a vehicle of your enemy has disadvantages too. Let's assume that your ally is Universal Petroleum. If you approach them in P.L.A.V.'s jeep expect their answer which means that they will start shooting (concern and guerillas aren't allied). They stop using force when they see that a driver is not their opponent. So live the car or destroy it.

Many elements of surroundings can be easily destroyed. That's include also huge oil rigs. Thanks to possibility of changing the environment you can make some missions easier or harder. For example, if you need room to land with allies use a few grenades. All obstructed boxes, tents etc. won't be a problem anymore. On the other hand try to keep all useful bridges in good condition. That will help you in reaching destination points.

If you want to get game status with 100% you have to know that some of your actions can block an access to particular missions. If you want to get to know everything what was prepared by authors of Mercenaries 2 you will reach a moment when one of the factions (United Nations or China) charge a mission titled Battle for Caracas. Before you finish it try to end other tasks (wagers, challenges, spare parts etc.). Spend money on bribes to improve relations with others and get access to all missions. You have to know that after Battle for Caracas the final round will start. It means that your power to end them will be limited. After finishing main plot taking of posts will become impossible and for that reason do this earlier.

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