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MediEvil Guide

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The Gallows Gauntlet | MediEvil Walkthrough MediEvil guide, walkthrough

The following page of our Medievil game guide contains a walkthrough of The Gallows Gauntlet level. Sir Dan comes to one of the darkest places in the game, an asylum full of hangmen and corpses far scarier than rotting zombies.

Things to find

  1. Silver Shield
  2. Chalice (depending on the selected hero, you will receive a new weapon or a new item)
  3. 4 books


Go through the canyon and kill Skewered Men, Hanged Men and Mummies. Go to the burning gate, equip the newly acquired Dragon Armour (only with it you will be able to cross the gate) and either get ready to fight or flee from the Serpent of Gallowmere:

As soon as the chest with the skull activates, run outside of the dragon gate. Run in a circle until the dragon disappears - it can take about 2 minutes for it to happen. When you are no longer chased, go back through the fire gate and activate all 4 pressure plates.

Once the skull chest opens, attack the snake with the magic sword - you will probably lose a lot of health, but you will unlock the "If It Slithers, I Slays" trophy. Once the snake is dead, activate the 4 pressure plates.

Go to the canyon and collect all of the items lying here, including a Star Rune. Use the run, kill all the Hanged Men, get back to get the Chalice and leave the level.

1 - The Gallows Gauntlet | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide
2 - The Gallows Gauntlet | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide
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