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The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough MediEvil guide, walkthrough

This page of our guide to Medievil features a walkthrough for level The Sleeping Village. After defeating the Pumpkin King and obtaining the Dragon Gem, Sir Daniel Fortesque goes to the titular village. There, he is trying to discover why the townsfolk are acting strange. He will also find a very powerful item.

Things to find

  1. Club
  2. Shadow Artefact
  3. Silver Shield
  4. Chalice (depending on the selected hero, you will receive a new weapon or a new item)
  5. 14 books


Don't attack the villagers even though they are attacking you - you will lose percentages for the Chalice. The Gargoyle will mention this at the beginning of the level. You can stun them with a charge (R1) - this won't hurt them. Stick to the left side. You should find an entrance to the church. Inside it, there is a book and a health fountain. You can also kill a rat in order to unlock an entry in the book of Gallowmere (charge the hammer with the circle button and hit the animal). Leave the church and you will see a forge in front of you. Inside, you will find another book, some gold, and a Silver Shield. On this level, you can use the hammer to break all barrels. In some of them you will find gold. On the right from the forge there is a small lake. Carefully walk around it and you will find a chest and a health vial. Just watch out so that you don't drown! Return to the crossroad near the church and the forge. Go forward until you reach the fountain. On the top of the fountain, you should see the Chaos Rune. Next to it, there is a book. Go to the left, then to the right. You should reach the docks. Use the wall to go down along the water. Use the lever and go collect the rune.

Use the rune on the door near the fountain - The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Use the rune on the door near the fountain. Enter the library and read all 7 books inside. Watch out for the crazy inhabitant - remember that you shouldn't hurt or kill him. You can destroy one of the walls in the library (with a hammer). This will provide you with an access to the hidden room. Read the eighth book and pick up the Crucifix Cast. Leave and go to the right. You should notice a door opening. Inside it, you will find a crazy woman and a Moon Rune.

Go to the left, to another house - The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Go to the left, to another house. The door will open automatically when you get close. This time don't destroy the barrel but leave it be - it will be needed for putting some weight on the pressure plate. Use the Rune and watch out for the woman. Jump into the basement and destroy all the barrels. Collect the club from the chest. Go right and upstairs. Watch out for the cook and the butcher. Quickly read the book and destroy the barrels. Behind them, you will find an Earth Rune. Go back down and use the rune. Switch the lever and return up. Collect the Landlord's bust.

Once you leave the house, Zaroks minions, the Boiler Guards, will arrive at the Sleeping Village - The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Once you leave the house, Zarok's minions, the Boiler Guards, will arrive at the Sleeping Village. You can freely kill them and fill the chalice with their souls.

Return to the forge. Open the equipment menu and use the Crucifix Cast and the Landlord's Bust near the oven. There are bellows on the left. Jump on them until you forge a Crucifix. Take the item to the church and use it behind the altar. This will open a hidden passage with a Safe Key and a book. A short cutscene will also show you that bars near the lake have opened. Go there and use the hay bales to reach the roof. Jump into the chimney. Use the key you found to open the safe. Inside the safe, you will find the Shadow Artefact. Turn another level and go outside. Go to the place shown in the cutscene and destroy the final boilers.

Dont leave the level - The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Don't leave the level! In addition to reading the book, you must return to collect the chalice. It can be found next to the house with the safe. To the right from the frontal entrance, there is a wall that you can break. Behind it, there is the chalice and treasures. Now, you can safely go to the exit.

If you succeeded in completing the level without hurting (even with a charge) the villagers, you will receive trophy "It's Not Their Fault They're Mad".

1 - The Sleeping Village | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide
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