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MediEvil Guide

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Cemetery Hill | MediEvil Walkthrough MediEvil guide, walkthrough

This page in our guide to MediEvil has a walkthrough for Cemetery Hill level. Sir Daniel Fortesque goes to the Hilltop Mausoleum. However, Zarok has predicted the plans of our hero and prepared an ambush...

Things to find

  1. 3 Copper Shields
  2. Chalice of Souls (you can get a Life Bottle in the Hall of Heroes)
  3. Club
  4. Witch Talisman
  5. 6 books


Read the book in front of you. Another one is a few steps away. Now, go left. Before you attack the zombies, destroy the chest with a skull (just hit it with a weapon or shoot). The explosion will kill all the zombies in the vicinity, but be careful, because this explosion will also damage you if you don't run away in time. Here, you can collect an Energy Vial and buy something from a Merchant Gargoyle. Carefully get on the road with rolling boulders and protect yourself with a shield to avoid damage. When you reach the floor above, go all the way to the left - you will find a chest with a shield and a bag of gold. Then, fall down below, to the place where there are two headless zombies and a chest with a new weapon - Club. Read the book lying nearby. Use the new weapon to break stones blocking the path.

Dont go up yet - Cemetery Hill | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Don't go up yet. Instead, go to the right of the rolling boulders, defeat the undead and smash the boulder blocking the entrance to the Witches Coven. Before you enter, read the book to the right of the entrance. Inside, talk to the Gargoyle, clean the room from enemies and break the cabinet using a Club. Behind it, you will find a bonfire and a book. Set the Club on fire (hold the Circle for a brief moment) and run into the room on the left. Set fire to the monument in the center of the room. This will raise a few grates. Eliminate the corpses and collect items. Remember to get Witch Talisman (you will need it in the later part of the game) and the Chalice (you should be able to collect it). Go back to the place with the rolling boulders.

Now, using the shield, move towards the boulders and get to the hilltop - Cemetery Hill | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Now, using the shield, move towards the boulders and get to the hilltop. Read the last book on this level, open the chest with gold and heal the wounds at the fountain. If you manage to climb to the top without taking damage from boulders, you will unlock "Rock Wrangler" trophy.

Return to Dans Crypt level - Cemetery Hill | MediEvil Walkthrough - Walkthrough - MediEvil Guide

Return to Dan's Crypt level. Use a Club to destroy the secret wall - behind it, there are two chests of gold and a Life Bottle. In addition, you will receive a trophy called "Walls Are For Chumps".

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