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Medieval Dynasty Guide by

Medieval Dynasty Guide

Table of Contents

Medieval Dynasty: Interface Guide - HUD Medieval Dynasty guide, walkthrough

This page of the Medieval Dynasty guide describes all the symbols of the user interface. Besides describing the placements of icons and symbols, we also discuss what exactly each bar on the screen means.

Main screen

1 - Compass - Medieval Dynasty: Interface Guide - HUD - Basics - Medieval Dynasty Guide

1 - Compass

2 - Description of active quest

3 - Key binds for the currently used tool

4 - Active tool from the equipment with its durability bar (when the white circle disappears, your tool will get destroyed).

5 - Survival indicators (explained in detail below)

The user interface can be turned on and off with the H key.


Icons on the compass - Medieval Dynasty: Interface Guide - HUD - Basics - Medieval Dynasty Guide

Icons on the compass:

  1. The semicircle at the top divided into three parts informs you about the time. The arrowhead shows the current time of day. One season lasts three days. The seasons are symbolized by the tree in different colors;
  2. Bag - marks a merchant in a village;
  3. Exclamation mark - marks a quest giver. The yellow exclamation point is for the current active quest;
  4. Character - marks a villager you can speak to;
  5. Home - marks the location of your home;

Symbols on the compass will not show up if objects or characters are too far away from you. The exception is the exclamation mark of the tracked quest.

Character status indicators

1 - Survival indicators - Medieval Dynasty: Interface Guide - HUD - Basics - Medieval Dynasty Guide

1 - Survival indicators:

  1. Green bar - stamina (fatigue), gets depleted when you sprint and work. Regenerates automatically by stopping or simply walking instead of sprinting;
  2. Red bar - health. Decreases when you get injured (e.g. by an animal attack) or when you are hungry or thirsty for too long. It is replenished with some types of food or by sleeping in your bed;
  3. Bronze bar - hunger. It depletes over time. You restore it with food. Each type of food reduces hunger to varying degrees, depending on their nutritional value.
  4. Blue bar - thirst. It depletes over time. Restore it by drinking water from a river or ponds (the interaction key) or some types of food, such as berries.

2 - Dirtiness indicator. It occurs when you work too long without any breaks, e.g. when building rooms or in a field. You can get rid of dirtiness by bathing in your tub – you need to make it first.

3 – Overburden indicator. The icon appears when you carry too many items. The more the arrowhead moves to the left, the slower you will move. Exceeding the weight limit will make you unable to move. You will have to discard some of the heaviest items.

4 - Food poisoning indicator. Eating certain types of food, such as unripe berries or certain mushrooms, will lead to food poisoning. If you eat such fruit, you can cure the poisoning by eating leaves of St. John's Wort.

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