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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide by

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

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Dismantling items | Equipment Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

Dismantling allows you to get a lot of crafting materials. - Dismantling items | Equipment - Equipment - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide
Dismantling allows you to get a lot of crafting materials.

The process of creating and augmenting equipment was already discussed but what can you do with items that you don't use anymore and only takes your inventory space? Of course, you can sell them and get some Credits but there is not much point in doing that - you can't spend your money and buy a powerful weapon or armor part because you can craft much better items. So, what can you do with unwanted items? Dismantle them.

This game mechanic known to fans of some (MMO)RPG games allows you to break an item into pieces and recover some crafting materials that were used in creating them. This is the best way to get rid of unwanted items because, as it was already mentioned, Credits don't give you a lot of options and dismantling option allows you to recover much more crafting materials when compared to what you can buy from a merchant for the money that you got by selling a weapon.

Dismantling process is very simple. Select equipment screen, choose a weapon that you want to dismantle and press the button on the bottom of the screen. Pressing accept option completes the process which gives you the materials. You should remember about a few things related to dismantling process:

  • You can only dismantle weapons (firearms and melee) and armor parts. Augments and modifications installed inside your armor can only be destroyed - this removes them from equipment but you don't get any materials so the best option is to simply sell them.
  • You can't dismantle the currently equipped weapon - simply there won't be option to do that. If you want to get rid of a weapon or armor part that is currently equipped by your character you must first equip a different item and then dismantle it.
  • The higher the tier (especially Ultrarare) the more valuable materials are received after dismantling an item. Thanks to that you can save a lot of Credits - buying the same amount and type of crafting materials can cost you a few times more than what you can get for selling a weapon.
  • During dismantling process you recover all Augments that were used during the process of creating a given weapon.
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