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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide by

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

Table of Contents

Trading Favors | Aya side quests Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

How to unlock: Speak with Sohkaa Esof [Aya: Docks].

Here you can find the guide for Trading Favors quest. It is one of the Heleus Assignments (side quests) in Mass Effect: Andromeda game. This quest can be unlocked during your first visit on Aya during A Trail of Hope main quest. During this mission you must find a missing arms dealer for Sokhaa Esof, and to do that you must visit planet Voeld.

Unlocking the quest

After you arrive for the first time at Aya: Docks (this takes place after meeting with Evfra) you must find the merchant called Sohkaa Esof and speak with him. You can offer your help and search fo his supplier, Keldo, with whom he lost contact, on Voeld.

Meet the Resistance commander on Voeld

Anjik Do Xeel is the Resistance commander and you can find him in Resistance Base on planet Voeld. During the conversation you will automatically talk about Keldo.

Speak with the Resistance lookout

The next person that you must meet is Beniska. This character can be found on the edge of the cliff, the one that you can access by using the east exit from the base.

Search Sohkaa's coordinates on Voeld and look for the missing supplier

The place that you must investigate is far away from the Resistance Base (it is marked on the map) so you should go there by using Nomad - Trading Favors | Aya side quests - Aya - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

The place that you must investigate is far away from the Resistance Base (it is marked on the map) so you should go there by using Nomad. When you reach your destination leave the vehicle and search the camp. Scan the corpse presented in the picture above and you will learn that this was the missing supplier, Keldo. Besides that you can also scan the chests with weapons and the tracks on the ground from which you can learn about the battle that took place here.

Defeat the Kett who prepared the ambush

Go quickly to the area north from the camp because a Kett ship will arrive there. A group of enemies will disembark. Use the fact tha Kett are exposed and eliminate them behind covers in the camp.

Retrieve the supplies

The supplies are inside of one of the chests in the camp. Take all items from it.

Deliever the weapons to Sokhaa Esof on Aya

Return to Aya to meet up with Sohkaa Esofe. As a reward, Esofa will agree to trade with you. You can buy various disposable items and minerals needed for item crafting.

Rewards: XP, a new trader (Sohkaa Esofe)

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