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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide by

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

Table of Contents

Meet the Resistance | Priority Ops Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

How to unlock: Automatically during A Trail of Hope quest [Aya].

Here you can find the guide for Meet the Resistance quest. By default this quest is treated as a Priority Op (main storyline quest) in Mass Effect: Andromeda game. However, if you decided to do the quest on Havarl first (Helping Havarl's Scientists) then this quest is moved to "Heleus Assignments" tab in your journal. Because of that it becomes a side quest but you can still take it and complete it in the same way as when it would be a main quest.

In this quest you must visit planet Voeld. When you are there, you must contact the titular resistance and learn how you can help Angara.

Warning - Voeld's climat is unfavorable. During this quest and all others that take place on Voeld you must remember about a few things:

  • Hypothermia "works" similarly to radiation on Eos. It can have a few levels of intensity and, depending on your body's current temperature, it can drain your life support bar slower or faster. On most of the planet's areas you can encounter the first level of environmental hazard. Try not to stay for long in an area with the second level. Nomad has greater cold resistance but even that won't give you the full protection. If your life support bar is depleted, you will start to lose health points.
  • The life support bar can be restored by going to locations that have more favorable weather conditions (mainly hubs in which you can find NPCs). Besides that, during the exploration, you can also stop near lamps and places where something is burning.
  • Try to unlock new forward stations, making your travels easier (the planet is rather big and the exploration is hindered by uneven terrain and ice). Also, learn about SAM's reports that are unlocked shortly after exiting the Resistance Base. SAM points the most important areas on the planet in which you can complete one or more new quests.

Help Angara on Voeld

Nol System is in the north part of Heleus Cluster - Meet the Resistance | Priority Ops - Priority Ops (Main quests) - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide
Nol System is in the north part of Heleus Cluster

Planet Voeld is in Nol System (north part of the cluster) which is unlocked by progressing in the storyline. After the flight you should search for a landing spot and select it.

Find the Resistance commander

You start in the west edge of the map, near the Resistance Base. Follow the linear path to that location and meet with the Resistance commander Anjik Do Xeel. During the meeting you can offer your help.

Warning - Before you leave the Resistance Base you can unlock a few side quests from Angara. Their markers are visible on the base's map.

Speak with the Resistance lookouts

The lookouts can be found on the edge of the cliff near the east exit from the base. When you are there, speak with Beniska about every possible topic.

Rewards for finishing the quest: XP, Andromeda Viability Points, Eyes on the Ground quest unlocked, Settling Voeld assignment unlocked.

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