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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide by

Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

Table of Contents

Leader | Trainings Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

Leader training selection. - Leader | Trainings - Character training - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide
Leader training selection.

The Leader training is most similar to the Sentinel class from the previous installments of the Mass Effect franchise. This training is focused around the usage of Biotics and Tech trees and gives the following benefits:

  • Energy Drain - a starting ability. It allows the character to drain enemy shields, dealing extremely high damage to their shields and restoring a portion of the character's as well. This ability detonates combo primers. Deals increased damage against synthetic enemies.
  • Annihilation - an unlocked ability. An ability that allows you to deal area of effect damage to all enemies near the character. Additionally, all of the abilities activated by you inside of the Annihilation zone get a severe penalty to recharge time. Primes enemies for combo detonators.
  • Team Support - an unlocked ability. A passive ability that, at the beginning, increases the shields of the entire party. By investing additional points in it you will be able to further increase the shields of the party or their damage output. Additionally, you can get a party damage reduction thanks to it.

This training is ideal for players that want to play as a hybrid character, combining the characteristics of Biotics and Tech trees. Energy Drain is extremely effective against enemies equipped with powerful shields - it negates the biggest flaw of the characters focused around Biotics, their low effectiveness against shielded foes. Additionally, it has a good synergy with Annihilation - the latter ability primes all affected enemies for combo detonators and Energy Drain can detonate them, dealing huge damage to everyone in the area. Properly developed Team Support will allow your team to become almost invincible.

The biggest flaw of this training is the fact that you need a huge amount of skill points invested in both Biotics and Tech for it to be effective. As a reward you will be given an extremely powerful character, capable of annihilating anyone on the battlefield and supporting the team if needed. Keep in mind that, like with both Biotic and Technician, you won't be able to use heavy weapons, unless you want to severely decrease recharge times of abilities.

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