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Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide

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How to get Research Data in Mass Effect: Andromeda? Mass Effect: Andromeda Guide

Acquired Research Data can be used to research new weapons, armors and Augments. - How to get Research Data in Mass Effect: Andromeda? - FAQ - Frequently asked questions - Mass Effect: Andromeda Game Guide
Acquired Research Data can be used to research new weapons, armors and Augments.

Mass Effect Andromeda gives the player a simple, yet quite extensive research and crafting system. To unlock new schematics for weapons, elements of armor and Augments, you need Research Data and, unfortunately, a huge amount of it. From the chapter "What is Research Data?" you can learn that one of the sources of Research Data are scannable objects - scanning them with the omni-tool gives a small amount of specific data. This, however, is not the only source of Research Data points.

There are multiple ways of acquiring Research Data, allowing you to quite easily amass a large supply of them without running back and forth and scanning everything on your way. To get them, you can:

  • Complete some of the quests. Most of the time you will be rewarded with EXP and Andromeda / planet viability points, but sometimes you will also earn a small amount of Research Data.
  • Send Strike Teams on missions. When a Strike Team mission is successful, you will be given various rewards, with a chance to get a Research Data box containing some data points. The harder the mission (there are following ranks: Bronze, Silver, Gold), the better the rewards and higher amount of Research Data from a box.
  • Scan objects and enemies.
  • Open Cryo Pods associated with Andromeda's viability (AVP). Lab Technicians, upon opening it, will give you random Research Data each 45 minutes. You can increase the amount of points, as well as decrease the time needed for the cycle to repeat, by opening more Cryo Pods - Improved Deployment, Accelerated Research, Improved Deployment II and Innovation. This is the most efficient way of acquiring Research Data in the game, but you have to regularly visit Tempest to collect rewards.

All of the above methods should be used at the same time to maximize the effects. Doing so will allow you to easily accumulate large quantities of each Research Data type and create the items you want to. Remember that each of those methods will allow you to acquire Research Data from all of the groups: Milky Way, Heleus and Remnant.

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