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Mass Effect 3 Game Guide

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Hints | Main quests Mass Effect 3 Guide

Colour symbols

The guide contains the following colour symbols:

  • Red refers to the names of the missions.
  • Blue refers to the locations you visit.
  • Green refers to items that you find, both those which you can take with you and those that can be only looked at (e.g. palmtops or computer terminals).
  • Orange refers to war assets, intel and experience points. In the later case the abbreviation EXP is used. For example, [800 EXP] means that you can receive 800 experience points for a given activity.

How to use the guide?

The names of all the missions correspond with the ones in Shepard's journal. If you want to find the description of a given quest, you first have to check its name in the game and afterwards find it in the guide. Small quests that don't appear in the journal (e.g. visiting a wounded friend in the hospital) are an exception and you can distinguish them by a star (*).

At the very beginning of each quest description you can find a short info about the quest giver and requirements you need to meet to unlock it. Whereas at the end of the walkthrough you will find a note about the next mission in order (of course only if a given mission belong to a longer series).

I'd definitely recommend choosing the option to import you save from Mass Effect 2, as it will let you keep the choices you have made in the previous games - Hints - Mass Effect 3 - Game Guide and Walkthrough

Important information regarding completing quests

  • After you complete each main quest, I'd recommend speaking to every member of your team, read messages at Shepard's terminal, head to the Citadel and explore all newly unlocked systems. It will increase the chance of gaining access to all new side quests.
  • Not all quests are unlocked by speaking to the NPCs. Some are added to Shepard's journal when you find a certain item or overhear a conversation. Exact information about unlocking particular quests can be found in their walkthroughs.
  • The game gives you freedom of choice throughout the campaign, regarding whether you want to focus on the man or side missions. There are however two exceptions from this rule. The first one is the main quest Priority: Tuchanka. Don't begin its most important part (heading to Tuchanka with Mordin and Eva) if you have any active side quests in your journal. The reason for that is the fact that after you finish that mission, the game will automatically begin a new one and all uncompleted optional missions will be cancelled without the possibility to finish them. The second exception is the main quest Priority: Cerberus Headquarters. Beginning it is the start of the finale of Shepard's adventure, so it would be good to complete all side quests before that.

New/imported save

I'd definitely recommend choosing the option to import you save from Mass Effect 2, as it will let you keep the choices you have made in the previous games. If you don't have such a save, you will have to create a new one. In such situation, the only choice you can make is decide whether Kaidan Alenko or Ashley Williams died in the previous game. The other choices are automatically selected by the game and the most important ones are:

  • Collector Base was destroyed (Mass Effect 2)
  • Genophage Cure Data was destroyed (Mass Effect 2)
  • The main hero doesn't have a romance (Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2)
  • Feros Colony wasn't saved (Mass Effect)
  • Liara became the Shadow Broker (Mass Effect 2)
  • The Council wasn't saved (Mass Effect)
  • Tali was exiled by her people (Mass Effect 2)
  • Udina joined the Council (Mass Effect)
  • Batarian System was destroyed (Mass Effect 2)
  • Normandy crew wasn't saved (Mass Effect 2)
  • Legion died (Mass Effect 2)
  • Thane died (Mass Effect 2)
  • Wrex died (Mass Effect)
  • Jack died (Mass Effect 2)
  • Rachni Queen died (Mass Effect)
  • Samara died (Mass Effect 2)

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