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Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough by

Mass Effect Guide & Walkthrough

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Mass Effect: Manufacturers Mass Effect Guide

Last update: Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Every part of the equipment which will you find or buy while exploring Mass Effect universe is produced by one of the corporations-manufacturers. If you want to buy objects produced by different manufacturers and not have to leave Normandy, you must buy license to merchandises of specific corporation. This way you could shop at deck dealer.

Sometimes you won't have another chance to trade with given merchant, so it's better to buy right away all licenses you will see.

Here's a table with all manufacturers, licenses prices and place of purchase. Remember, that the prices don't include discount given by persuasion.



Where to buy

Aldrin Labs


C-Soc Academy shop - Citadel

Elanus Risk Control


Lower Markets - Citadel (Morlan), Salarian Camp - Vimir (Commandor Rentola)

Elkoss Combine


Upper Markets - Citadel (Expat), Emporium - Citadel (Delin), Port Hanshan - Noveria (Opold)



Armory - Normandy

Sirta Foundation


Emporium - Citadel (Delin), Rift Station - Noveria (Petozi), Commandor Rentola - Normandy after rescuing him from Virmire

Ariake Technologies


C-Soc Academy shop - Citadel, Commandor Rentola - Normandy after rescuing him from Virmire

Armali Council


Salarian Camp - Vimire (Commandor Rentola)

Devlon Industries


Emporium - Citadel (Delin)

Haliat Armory


Zhu's Hope - Feros (Ledra)

Rosenkov Materials


Port Hanshan - Noveria (Opold)

Armax Arsenal


Upper Markets - Citadel (Expat).

Geth Armory


Lower Markets - Citadel (Morlan).

Kassa Fabrication


C-Soc Academy shop - Citadel, Rift Station - Noveria (Petozi)

Serrice Council


Emporium - Citadel (Delin), Commandor Rentola - Normandy after rescuing him from Virmire

Spectre Gear


C-Soc Academy shop - Citadel, Armory - Normandy (after unlocking achievement Rich)

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