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Spider-Man Game Guide

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What skills are the best in Marvel's Spider-Man? Spider-Man Guide and Walkthrough

Spider-Man begins the game as a powerful and efficient hero - which doesn't change the fact that given some time we can make him even more powerful. Each mission and most of side activities in the game reward us with experience points - after we advance to a higher level, we are given skill points that can be spent on new abilities. The following chapter of our guide to Marvel's Spider-Man will answer the question which skill are the best in the game, according to us.

1 - What skills are the best in Marvels Spider-Man? - FAQ - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide


  1. Web throw - you can throw webbed or shocked enemies. You need to buy this skill to unlock better skills in this tree.
  2. Pistol and Baton Yank - useful early in the game to disarm enemies.
  3. Rifle, Shield, Launcher Yank - an upgrade to the previous skill, enabling you to confiscate bigger things. Very useful throughout the entire game.
  4. Rocket return - rocket launchers can be quite deadly; now you can catch the missiles and return them to sender.


  1. Perfect Dodge - The most basic must-have ability in the game. When your spider sense turns blue, execute a dodge and you will counter the enemy with a web shot. An essential ability that will help you throughout the entire game.
  2. Perfect Hit - generates additional focus during well-timed attacks. Useful, especially because you'll be using basic attacks all the time either way.
  3. Dodge Window - increases timing window for perfect dodge and web shot counter, making them easier to accomplish. Definitely worth the skill point, especially because you'll be using perfect dodges throughout the entire game.
  4. Payback - after perfect dodging enemies with firearms, you can use the triangle to perform an instant takedown. Wonderful skill that will help you quickly wrap many battles.
  5. Combo Booster / Vengeance - both skills will enable you to generate more focus in battle.


  1. Swing Kick - useful for sending enemies flying from skyscrapers.
  2. Quick Zip - you can use Web Zip (X when swinging) for a second time without losing altitude. Useful in missions when you need to chase someone or simply travel across the city.
  3. Air Tricks - you can perform aerial tricks to earn extra XP and focus.

Developing the character in Marvel's Spider-Man

The absolute foundation of combat in the game are perfect dodges. - What skills are the best in Marvels Spider-Man? - FAQ - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide
The absolute foundation of combat in the game are perfect dodges.

The first priority should be the "Defender" tree. It contains what I personally think are the best skills in the game. The least useful skills are I think located in the "Webslinger" tree. I strongly recommend the following model of Peter's development:

  1. Perfect Dodge -> Dodge Window -> Perfect Hit -> Web Throw -> Pistol and Baton Yank -> Rifle, Shield and Launcher Yank -> Swing Kick -> Quick Zip -> Last Stand -> Vengeance.
  2. The above skills were used most often in my playthrough and they made combat much easier for me. Many of these choices are up to personal preferences, though. In order to acquire all skills, you will need to reach level 50.
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