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Spider-Man Game Guide by

Spider-Man Game Guide

Table of Contents

Benchmarks in Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Spider-Man Guide and Walkthrough

The following section of the guide contains a breakdown of the Benchmarks - smaller tasks, which yield some XP. You will complete most benchmarks without even knowing it - most of them happen "in the background," and virtually every move in the game is rewarded. Marvel's Spider-Man features the following benchmarks:

Benchmark name - Benchmarks in Marvels Spider-Man (PS4) - Basics - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide

Benchmark name



Sky Skipper

Jump a set number of times.

Press L2+R and then X. When flying to the destination, jump right before landing in order to gain momentum and speed.

Wall Runner

Perform a wall run a set number of times.

Near a wall, press R2 to run up.


Swing near the ground a set number of times.


Speed Freak

Swing with speed exceeding 20 meters a second for the set number of seconds.


Free Fall

Dive for a set number of meters.

When jumping down from a building, press the left analog stick to dive directly down.

Free Runner

Free run for the set amount of time.

On the ground, hold R2 to free run.


Wall run around corners of buildings.



Running up a wall, launch yourself in the air a set number of times.

While running up a wall, press X right before the roof.

Finish Him

Perform a finisher a set number of times.

When the focus bar is full, press circle + triangle.


Perform a perfect dodge a set number of times.

First, you will need to buy the skill. The perfect dodge can be performed right before the enemy attacks, when indicator is blue.

Hang Tight

Web a set number of enemies to walls.

Use gadgets and the web to do that.


Defeat a set number of enemies without losing HP.



Perform a combo of 15 strikes or more a set number of times.



Perform a combo of 30 strikes or more a set number of times.



Perform a combo of 50 strikes or more a set number of times.


Home Run

Push a set number of enemies from buildings.

The Swing Kick skill is going to be particularly useful.


Perform a set number of Swing Kicks.



Stun enemies with electricity.

Use the electric web.


Stun or defeat a set number of enemies using Trip Mines.


Frequent Flyer

Fling a set number of enemies using the Web Throw.

Hold the triangle. Pull and throw the webbed or stunned enemy. Thrown enemies stick to walls.

Hard Landing

Pull enemies from the air.

Launch enemies in the air and then pull them using square+cross.


Pull enemies into the air.

Hold the triangle while in the air.


Throw a set number of enemies with bare hands.

Press square and then hold the triangle. Hit the enemy and toss them in any direction.



Disarm the set number of enemies armed with guns or truncheons.

Once you unlock the ability to disarm enemies, hold the triangle to do that.

I'll take that

Disarm the set number of enemies armed with rifles, rocket launchers or shields.



Perform a set number of perfect strikes.

You must unlock the Perfect Hit skill.

Take Five

Constrain a set number of enemies with the web.


Each benchmark has three levels - for example, if you defeat 100 enemies with full health, you will unlock a benchmark with 250 and then 500 enemies. Only then the challenge may be completed. Don't bother to do the benchmarks on purpose - they don't give you a lot of experience and you don't have to do them to get the platinum trophy in the game.

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