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Spider-Man Game Guide by

Spider-Man Game Guide

Table of Contents

Combat Moves List, combos in Marvel's Spider-Man (PS4) Spider-Man Guide and Walkthrough

In the following chapter of the Marvel's Spider-Man Game Guide, you will find a list of all Spider-Man moves. They are available to check in the game menu - some of them need to be purchased under the "Skills" tab.

Basic Combat

Name - Combat Moves List, combos in Marvels Spider-Man (PS4) - Basics - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide




Basic Attack


This is a basic attack.

Basic Combo

Square, Square, Square, Square

A basic series of four attacks on the ground. The last strike will blowback most enemies.

Web Attack

Press Triangle

Pull youself towards the enemy and hit him.

Yank Enemy

Hold Triangle

Pulls the enemy and turns him 180 degrees to make him vulnerable to attacks from the back.

Disarm Enemy

Hold Triangle

Disarms the enemy and turns him 180 degrees to make him vulnerable to attacks from the back. Useful when fighting melee-armed enemies.

Web Throw

Hold Triangle

Yank and throw the webbed enemy. Thrown enemies will glue to walls.

Spin Cycle

Hold Triangle, and then press Triangle.

While trowing your enemy press Triangle fast, to spin him faster.



Used to dodge enemy attack.

Perfect Dodge


Make a last-minute dodge to get the perfect dodge. This makes you temporarily immune to blows and slows down your time for a short time.

Perfect Hit


Press Square, when the attack hits your target, to gain more concentration.

Long Dodge

Circle, Cross

Jump is longer after a successful dodge. Useful in avoiding area of effect damage.

Dodge Under

Square, Circle

Hit your enemy and do a web attack and then perform a dodge in his direction to dodge under. Very useful when fighting opponents with shields.

Off The Wall Attack

Circle, Square

Make a dodge in direction of the wall and then launch from it and hit few enemies.

Web Shooter

Quickly Press R1

Quickly shoot your spider web to wrap your enemy. If the opponent is close to a wall he will be glued to it. Useful to slow down enemies.


Square, Hold Triangle

Hit your enemy and then throw him in a selected direction. Enemies that stand nearby will be knocked down.

Yank Down Attack

Hold Square, Hold Triangle

Throw your opponent into the air, then quickly pull him to the ground, knocking out nearby enemies.

Yank And Throw Environment

Hold L1 + R1

Take and throw small objects from the environment. Large objects cannot be thrown, but they can be overthrown.



A powerful attack that instantly eliminates the enemy. Requires a full concentration bar.


Down Arrow

Use your concentration to cure yourself. Spider-Man can accumulate concentration while attacking enemies. Fighting in the air generates more concentration than fighting on the ground.

Air Combat

Name - Combat Moves List, combos in Marvels Spider-Man (PS4) - Basics - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide




Air Launcher

Hold Square

Hold Square, to throw the enemy into the air. This is a great way to start a fight in the air.

Air Launcher Follow Up

Hold Square, Square

Throw your opponent into the air and then perform a quick attack.

Air Combo

Square, Square, Square, Square

The basic series of four attacks in the air. The last strike will discard enemies.

Leap Off

Square, Cross

Leap up from an enemy after hitting him or after using a Web Attack. It's a great way to start a fight in the air and avoid charging enemies.

Swing Kick

Hold Square

Hold Square, while in the air to kick the enemy while swinging on the web. It will throw him into the air.

Air Yank

Hold Triangle

Pull enemies into the air. Great for continuing combat in the air.

Air Throw

Hold Triangle

Grab the enemy in the air and throw him on the ground, additionally throwing away nearby enemies.

Ground Strike

Square + Cross

When you leap away from your opponent or fight in the air, Press Square + Cross to hit the ground. It can be made in the air from a higher height. Radius and damage increase with height.


Name - Combat Moves List, combos in Marvels Spider-Man (PS4) - Basics - Marvels Spider-Man Game Guide





Hold R2

To gain speed while swinging, let go of the web or jump at the highest point.



Basic jump.

Charge Jump

Hold R2+Cross, release Cross

When you are standing or running, Hold R2+Cross to gather energy and then release Cross to make a long jump.

Web Zip


Press X when you are in the air to perform a Web Zip. It is a great way to maintain height and change direction.

Zip to Point


Look at the highlighted spot and go to it.

Point Launch

L2+R2, Cross

On a flight to the desired location, use the Point Launch just before the landing in order to launch forward and gain speed.

Wall Run

Hold R2

When you are standing near a wall or sitting on it, Hold R2 to run on it.

Vertical Wall Jump


While running vertically on the wall, press X to move faster.

Wall Cornering

Hold Circle

Hold Circle near the corner of the building to automatically turn.

Quick Recovery


Press X during a rollover after landing to break out into the air.

Ceiling Hang


When you walk on the ceiling, Press L2 to hang out. When hanging, use the knob to pull yourself up or down.

Air Tricks

Triangle + Circle + knob

Tricks in the air will gain concentration and experience points.

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