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Mario Kart Tour Guide

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What items are found in the game in Mario Kart Tour? Mario Kart Tour guide, tips

Last update: Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Mario Kart Tour continues the traditions of the series - during races, you can find question marks that give you bonuses. You can use them to gain advantage in that race. This page of the guide lists all the items available in the game.

During the race, you will regularly encounter question marks located on the track. When you drive through them, you will receive one out of the three available items. Their number depends on the character, as well as the track. At some point in the game, you will get access to vouchers that allow you to re-draw items after driving through a question mark.

The same character can get three bonuses on one track, and only one on the next - What items are found in the game in Mario Kart Tour? - FAQ - Mario Kart Tour Guide

The same character can get three bonuses on one track, and only one on the next. Information about who gets how many bonuses is displayed in the driver selection screen.



For whom?


If opponent drives on a banana, they will slide to the side.


Red Shell

When shot, it hits the opponent in front of you.


Green Shell

When shot, it flies in a straight line.


Spiny Shell

After shot, it flies to the enemy who is currently first in the race.



Explodes when an opponent gets close to it.



Reduces and slows the affected enemy down.


Super Horn

Repels all vehicles and items near you.


Mega Mushroom

Makes your character bigger, which automatically increases your speed.


Bullet Bill

You turn into a bullet that can easily push opponents.



Blinds the enemy in front of you.



Adds two coins to your account



Serves as a boost.


Lucky Seven

7 items appear around Pauline. All of them are used simultaneously.



Makes that characters temporarily invulnerable to all the negative effects.

Daisy i Peach

Triple Mushroom

This boost gives you more power than a regular Mushroom.

Toad i Toadette

Bowser's Shell

After shot, it destroys everything in its path.


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