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Lost Ark Guide

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Lost Ark: Bard (Mage) - character class Lost Ark guide, walkthrough

On this page Lost Ark guide we have described the class of one of the heroes of Mage class - Bard. It's based on the version of the game from 2022.

Last update: Tuesday, March 22, 2022

This page of the guide covers the features and skills of the Mage, specifically the Bard Advanced Class.

Bard class description

Gender: Female

Combat style: Long-range combat, not in direct confrontation

Specialization: Serenade Meter - increases the allies' attack power and can heal them.

Bard is 100% a support class - Lost Ark: Bard (Mage) - character class - Mage - Lost Ark Guide

Bard is 100% a support class. They're not really useful in battle, but the buffs and debuffs on enemies can change the course of a battle. Playing as Bard is thus difficult. Additionally, many skills require timing mastery, as they often load for a long time.

The Bard is a support class - in comparison to the Paladin, it has less combat capability, but a much greater ability to support its allies. A difficult class to play alone.

Bard - classic support build

The Bard is the most support-focused class in the game with strong healing skills. The Bard has 2 class engravings but True Courage - the second, optional, offensive class engraving - increases the damage and crit rate bonus of the Serenade of Courage skill by 20% (Level 3) and 10% respectively, only for your character. It cannot be used along with Desperate Salvation.


  1. Desperate Salvation - class engraving, improves healing capabilities.
  2. Awakening - improves the Awakening skill by decreasing its cooldown and increasing the number of uses.

Optional Engravings:

  1. Spirit Absorption - increased mobility and spellcasting speed.
  2. Expert - increases healing capabilities.
  3. Increased Max MP - increases mana, optional.
  4. Heavy Armor Equipment - an optional engraving for those struggling to dodge.

Combat stats:

  1. Specialization - 30% - makes your attacks and buffs more effective.
  2. Swiftness - 70% - shorter cooldowns and faster attacks.

Skills, tripods, and runes:


1st Tripod

2nd Tripod

3rd Tripod


Sound Shock ()

Maintained Explosion

Sacred Shock

Rapid Fire


Rhapsody of Light ()

Quick Prep

Stabilized Light

Shining Protection


Wind of Music ()

Quick Prep

Melody Increase

Wind of Protection


Sonic Vibration ()


Brilliant Wave

Wide-Angle Attack



Sound Concentration

Sustain Enhancement

Focus Fire


Prelude of Storm

Quick Prep

Melody Increase

Powerful Prelude


Heavenly Tune

Quick Prep

Tough Time

Intense Tune


Guardian Tune

Mind Enhancement

Endless Protection

Wind of Protection


Symphonia (Awakening)


The numbers in parentheses are the skill level we suggest you to have at character level 50. means you should develop it further, - means you should prioritize developing it.


The Bard may seem difficult to play but is actually not that bad. Her skills focus on buffing herself and others. You shouldn't get used to a single, specific build: the class is flexible and lets you experiment with your skills and engravings depending on the situation. Remember to use your Awakening skill which strongly buffs your allies and heavily damages enemies.

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