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Lies of P Guide

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Lies of P: List of all bosses Lies of P guide, tips

In our guide to Lies of P you will find a list of all the bosses available in the game. Here we have prepared a list of bosses from the main storyline and side missions.

Last update: 28 June 2023

Are you looking for a specific boss in Lies of P, or do you want to find out how many of them are in this game? Our guide has a complete list of all bosses available in the game.

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List of all bosses


  1. Parade Master - a large-sized puppet that attacks with its hands. In the second phase, the boss pulls out the rod along with its head to fight at a longer distance.
  2. Scrapped Watchman - a large puppet that resembles a police officer. It uses electric and long-range attacks.
  3. King's Flame, Fuoco - the main boss located near the Venigni Works Control Room. Has attacks that apply the overheat status.
  4. Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood - a unique boss that summons reinforcements depending on the missing health level.
  5. Fallen Archbishop Andreus - the main boss located in the St. Frangelico Cathedral Chapel. You have to kill him twice because the fight has 2 phases.
  6. King of Puppets - another boss you have to defeat twice because he also has another form called Romeo, King of Puppets. The arena is on the stage of the Estella Opera.
  7. Champion Victor - the main boss found in the Grand Exhibition Gallery, inflicts corruption damage and is vulnerable to fire.
  8. Green Monster of the Swamp - a goo monster found in the Barren Swamp. You have to defeat him twice. In phase 2, you will be fighting against the Green monster, the puppet-eater.
  9. Corrupted Parade Master - an improved version of the first main boss in the game - Parade Master. You will find him on the street near the Krat Central.
  10. Black Rabbit Brotherhood - The Black Rabbits are back, this time to get revenge on Pinocchio. You will fight with three members of the Brotherhood at once, namely with the Eccentric, the Battle Maniac, and the Youngest. The elder appears in the second phase.


  1. Mad Donkey - a human who harbors hatred towards puppets. He is agile and aggressive, but vulnerable to fatal attacks.
  2. Puppet of the Future - a huge puppet that is placed in an arena covered with Corruption goo.
  3. Survivor - an optional boss who is human. The fight with him takes place near the Workshop Union Entrance Stargazer.
  4. White Lady - Adeline's sister, the arena is located on Rosa Isabelle Street. She possesses a unique skill that parries the main character's attacks.
  5. Mad Clown Puppet - a large clown puppet located near the entrance to the Estella Opera.
  6. The Atoned - an optional boss you will fight if you choose the dialogue option that suggests that you are not a Stalker.
  7. Robber Weasel - you will find her at the Krat Central Station Platform. This is an optional boss, whose mission is to take from the rich.
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