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LEGO Skywalker Saga Guide

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LEGO Skywalker Saga: Bosses - list of all (Story Mode) LEGO Skywalker Saga guide, walkthorugh

On this page of the LEGO Skywalker Saga guide you will find a list of all the bosses encountered in the main storyline - episodes 1-9.

Last update: Tuesday, June 7, 2022

This page of the LEGO Skywalker Saga game guide contains a list of bosses from the main storyline. We have prepared separate lists for boss fights for episodes 1-3 (prequel trilogy), 4-6 (original trilogy), and 7-9 (sequel trilogy). Thanks to this, you can more easily locate the description of the boss fight you have a problem with or find out what boss battles are waiting for you in each episode.

Boss list - Prequel Trilogy (Episodes 1-3)

  1. Opee Sea Killer and Colo Claw Fish - These are two sea monsters you have to defend against during the chase scene in Episode 1.
  2. Darth Maul - The fight with this Sith consists of several parts, between which you have to chase the boss and solve puzzles. It takes place in Episode 1.
  3. Jango Fett - On one common page we described 3 different confrontations with the bounty hunter. All fights with Jango take place in Episode 2.
  4. Count Dooku (first duel) - The first encounter with the Count will take place while exploring his fortress in Episode 2.
  5. Count Dooku (second duel) - Count Dooku has to be defeated again during Episode 3, this time after reaching Palpatine's room.
  6. General Grievous - This is a long duel in the city of Pam from Episode 3, in which, apart from fighting the general, you have to find his hideouts.
  7. Darth Sidious - The first encounter with Emperor Palpatine will take place in the senate building, which you visit during Episode 3.
  8. Anakin Skywalker - The main antagonist of Episode 3. You have to defeat him several times and reach his subsequent whereabouts.

Boss list - Original Trilogy (Episodes 4-6)

  1. Dianoga - This is a smaller boss - a sewer monster with a protruding eye. Defeating it is required during Episode 4.
  2. Darth Vader - The page describes two confrontations with Vader: the smaller one in the Cave of Evil from Episode 4 and the main one in the Revelations mission from Episode 5.
  3. Rankor - This is a giant monster sent by Jabba and encountered while exploring his palace as part of Episode 6.
  4. Boba Fett - The famous bounty hunter you will encounter after getting on Jabba's Sail Barge. Facing him is part of Episode 6.
  5. Jabba the Hutt - The confrontation with him also takes place on the Sail Barge in Episode 6, but it will start after saving R2-D2.
  6. Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine - You have to defeat both of these bosses in the final battle in Chapter 6, first Vader and then the Emperor.

Boss list - Sequel Trilogy (Episodes 7-9)

  1. Captain Phasma (first duel) - The first fight with Phasma takes place in Episode 7, and our walkthrough describes how to activate the traps.
  2. Kylo Ren (first duel) - The first of three clashes with Kylo Ren will take place in Episode 7. We've described all the phases of this long confrontation.
  3. Praetorian Guard - A group of enemies with a shared long health bar. You have to deal with them in Episode 8.
  4. Captain Phasma (the second duel) - The second confrontation with Captain Phasma takes place in the hangar during Episode 8.
  5. Kylo Ren (second duel) - You have to face Kylo Ren again in Episode 8, and it's a short duel during which you control Luke Skywalker.
  6. Kylo Ren (third duel) - The final confrontation with Kylo Ren takes place inside Death Star II during Episode 9.
  7. Sovereign Protectors and Knights of Ren - These are two groups of elite enemies who share one health bar. You have to face them in Episode 9.
  8. BB-Boss - This is a large mechanical enemy you have to destroy during the finale of Episode 9.
  9. Emperor Palpatine - This is the final boss of the sequel trilogy, and you will play a shorter duel with him in Episode 9.
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