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Legends of Runeterra Guide by

Legends of Runeterra Guide

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General tips for Legends of Runeterra Legends of Runeterra guide, tips

Last update: Thursday, January 30, 2020

Below you will find a few general tips that can be useful during the gameplay of Legends of Runeterra. These tips are especially addressed to casual or new players who are just beginning their adventure in playing card games.

1 - General tips for Legends of Runeterra - Basics - Legends of Runeterra Guide
  1. First of all, it is worth taking some time to complete all available tutorials. In Legends of Runeterra there are 13 introductory quests that will teach you the basics of gameplay and some more advanced mechanics. For completing the introductory missions you can receive additional rewards that may enrich your card collection.
  2. Learn when to block, and when to launch an attack. For example, if your opponent attacks with 1/1 unit and you only have 6/1 unit, then it is much better to get 1 point of damage than to block the attack by sacrificing a strong unit that can be cured in the next turn (if your Nexus has only 1 point of health then you have to block the attack).
  3. Try to play different card combinations, because card decks in Legends of Runeterra can be created by combining cards from two different Regions. This will give you the knowledge you need, that may come in handy during the game. By discovering more about each of the Regions available in the game you will know what to expect from your opponent.
  4. Remember that all spells are divided into quick and slow. Some can be played instantly, while others require more time to activate. The enemy is unable to react to fast attacks, but keep in mind that your opponent may respond to slower strikes.
  5. Embark on your first Expedition. Even if you don't manage to win any match, you'll get a free Champion to strengthen your deck! More information about the Expedition is available in other section of this guide.
  6. Remember that in Legends of Runeterra unit attacks and spell activation count from left to right. This means that the units on the left side of the board attack first and those on the right side will be used at the end of turn. The same rule applies to spells - if an opponent casts a quick spell and you can manage to cast your own spell on the left, then your action will activate first and may neutralize the effect of the enemy spell.
  7. Pay attention to the number of Mana crystals and remember that unused Mana is transferred to spell points (maximum of 3) that can be used in the next round. By saving Mana in one round you can use it in the next round and cast an additional spell. You can read more about the in-game Mana system in the following sections of our guide.
  8. Keep an eye on the limits and constraints used in Legends of Runeterra. You can have a maximum of 6 units on the board and 10 cards in your hand. Plan your actions in such a way that you have enough space on the board and in your hand. Remember that every extra card (which doesn't have any slot available) will be burned and this applies to summoned units, picked cards and units that may return to your hand.
  9. When building a deck, make sure to include units with different mana costs. You can't just rely on strong units with a high Mana cost because you won't be able to play your cards from the very beginning of the duel, which can have tragic consequences.
  10. Try to complete all daily tasks to gain a lot of experience points. This will significantly affect the speed of account development and also increase the level of the Weekly Vault.
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