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Layers of Fear 2023 Guide by

Layers of Fear 2023 Guide

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Layers of Fear 2023: Game length Layers of Fear 2023 guide, walkthrough

On this page of the guide you will learn the answer to the question of how long it will take you to learn the entire story in Layers of Fear (2023). You will also learn how you can extend the time spent with the title.

Last update: 30 June 2023

Layers of Fear (2023) is a remake of the first two games in the series, including the content released in the DLC for the original Layers of Fear (2016). It also contains an entirely new storyline that connects the other stories. For this reason, this year's edition is the most extensive and longest in the series. From the description below, you will find out approximately how long it will take you to complete each of the 4 Acts of the game.

How much time do the individual acts of the game take?

Act 1 titled Painter's Story is one of the two longest parts of the game. It consists of a prologue, 6 story chapters, and one of the three playable endings. The average player should complete this stage in 4 to 5 hours. The final game length may be influenced by how much attention you dedicate to searching for and thoroughly examining the collectibles scattered in the mansion.

A comparably time-consuming part of the game is the last Act, the Actor's Story. The storyline originally known from Layers of Fear 2 has been divided into a prologue, 5 chapters, and one of the three possible endings. The conclusion of the story taking place on board the ship should take you about 5 hours. Again, your approach to collecting collectibles can affect the final time of the game.

Acts 2 and 3, namely Daughter's Story and Musician's Story, are minor narrative episodes that complement the story of the unhappy painter and his family. These are rather short, linear chapters and should not take more than an hour each.

Finally, the story of a writer losing her mind interlacing all the episodes and connecting the whole tale is less than an hour of play.

In summary, depending on your playing style and how you deal with the encountered puzzles, completing the story of Layers of Fear (2023) will take approximately 10 to even 13 hours.

How can I extend the playing time?

The diverse endings, dividing the story into chapters, and the possibility of replaying selected parts suggest that the creators of Layers of Fear (2023) designed the game as a story that can be experienced multiple times.

By resuming the game from a specific chapter (available in the main menu), you can once again replay stages of the game of your choosing - Layers of Fear 2023: Game length - Appendix - Layers of Fear 2023 Guide

By resuming the game from a specific chapter (available in the main menu), you can once again replay stages of the game of your choosing. This option will be especially useful when you decide to take alternative paths and make different choices. Trying various gameplay styles is also a chance to discover one of the alternative endings of the story.

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