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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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How to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance (the boss battle)? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

Runt is a strong enemy who needs to be defeated in the final stage of Baptism of Fire main quest - How to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance (the boss battle)? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

Runt is a strong enemy who needs to be defeated in the final stage of Baptism of Fire main quest. This fight can't be skipped so prepare yourself for this duel, especially if you focused mainly on Speech and you have been solving problems by talking with NPCs.

How to prepare yourself for the fight with Runt?

Below you can find information on how to prepare yourself for the fight with Runt and how to defeat that "boss":

  1. Don't start Baptism by Fire right after completing Nest of Vipers main quest (the one where you infiltrate Cumans' camp and get a chance to sabotage it). Ask either Radzig or Sir Divish for more time to prepare yourself. Don't worry, this mission doesn't have a time limit so you won't fail it if you won't participate in the battle right away.
  2. Your character should be at level 8-10. Also, try to have Strength, Agility and Vitality at the level similar to your main one.
  3. Have Warfare and Defence at level 7-8 as well as those skills related to your preferred combat style. Our recommendation is either a Mace, an Axe or a Bow. Melee-related skills can be easily developed by practicing with captain Bernard in Rattay; Archery can be increased by hunting animals.
  4. Try to get a good weapon for your hero. This choice depends on how you want to defeat Runt because he is the only mandatory enemy that you have to kill here. For melee players the best choice is either a mace or an axe (and a shield if you use one-handed weapons). Don't use a sword because Runt uses a higher-class armor and it is hard to pierce it with this type of a weapon. If you want to kill him from a distance then you should get a good bow AND the best arrows that you can find. You can get new weapons by, e.g. buying them in Rattay or by stealing them from the Cuman camp.
  5. Unlock perks related to combos if you want to fight with him with a melee weapon. Runt is a very skilled warrior and has no problems with blocking "the regular" attacks. For example, unlock Drei Wunder: Forearm if you plan on using a mace.
  6. Wear a good armor. Henry should wear a full helmet that can protect him from archers. High-quality pieces of armor can be found in the Cuman camp but you can also, e.g. visit the armor smith in Rattay.
  7. Check your hero's health and see if he sustained any damage that could reduce his health and stamina. Go somewhere to rest if your character is wounded. You can also think about drinking a potion that can boost your combat abilities or gradually regenerate your health (in case of receiving serious damage during the fight).
  8. Create a manual save file before starting Baptism by Fire quest. However, if it turns out that Runt is too difficult for you then you can either do that quest later or start it again but be prepared better than you previously were (Henry is too weak and isn't equipped well enough).
  9. Don't engage in any fights with Cumans once you start attacking their camp. Instead, let the allies fight with the bandits and Cumans. Fighting with other enemies can cost you health points that won't regenerate before the fight with Runt which means that you will be weakened. Try to not lose any health points and start the boss fight with a full bar.

How to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come?

1 - How to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance (the boss battle)? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide
  1. The quickest way to defeat Runt is to use a bow because the "boss" doesn't wear any headgear. This method is risky but the game creates an autosave right after the start of this fight which means that you can easily replay it if you fail.
  2. Run around the attic and/or use the large vertical beam near the starting point to keep Runt at a distance. Use every opportunity to shoot at him with your bow. Try to aim at his head. With a bit of a luck you will be able to kill Runt with only one arrow! If you aren't good at aiming then you can try to shoot at his armor but this will require a dozen of arrows. Dodge to a side when you notice that Runt wants to use a combo. Remember to keep an eye on your stamina bar so you won't deplete it by accident.
2 - How to defeat Runt in Kingdom Come Deliverance (the boss battle)? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide
  1. Runt can also be killed with a melee weapon. Here, it is important to block his attacks. Try to use perfect blocks (a green icon that pops up when Runt uses an attack). Thanks to that you will be able to perform a riposte (note - Runt can also block it with a perfect block).
  2. You should also search for opportunities to use combos. They have a greater chance to "break through" Runt's defense and damage him. Keep an eye on your stamina bar and move away from the enemy when that bar is almost depleted.
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