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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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How to repair a damaged weapon or a piece of armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance all elements of your equipment can wear out. Damaged weapons deal less damage while defective pieces of armor won't offer you a good protection from enemy attacks. Repair your equipment before you embark on a longer journey as well as before starting a bigger quest. Below you can find information on how to do that.

Important note - Start developing Maintenance skill right after starting the game. This allows you to repair weapons better and unlock perks connected to that skill. A fast way to level up your Maintenance is to use cheap weapons on a grindstone. You can also pay for lessons (e.g. a blacksmith in Rattay).

Repairing a damaged weapon in Kingdom Come

You can repair weapons by reaching grindstones - How to repair a damaged weapon or a piece of armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

You can repair weapons by reaching grindstones. However, this works only on those weapons that have a blade. Grindstones are located in almost every village, usually near a place where a blacksmith works. Save your game before you start using a grindstone. The reason is that the repair mini-game can be easily failed which can only worsen your weapon's durability. You absolutely have to pay attention to the tutorial that teaches you how to use a grindstone. Below you can find the most important things about this mini-game:

  1. The most important thing about repairing a weapon is to keep it at the right angle. Thanks to that you can sharpen it properly after pedaling and setting a grindstone in motion. The game informs you when your weapon is angled correctly by showing sparks that come out from a weapon. Smoke indicates that a weapon is getting damaged (quickly move your weapon away from a grindstone). Don't expect that the right angle stays throughout an entire sharpening process - you have to keep adjusting it.
  2. You have to sharpen the entire blade of your weapon. When you notice that a given part of a blade is sharp, you then have to move it to the left or the right and repeat the process.
  3. Your weapon can start shining when you sharpen it properly - this is another visual sign that a weapon is in a good condition. You can stop the mini-game and check that weapon's stats in the inventory. An improvement in its durability (100% is an optimal value) means that you have successfully sharpened your weapon. A worsened durability indicates that you have failed the mini-game. In that case you can reload your game and repeat the process.

You can also use repair kits to fix your weapons. These kits can be either bought from traders or found in the world. The last solution is to pay a blacksmith to fix your weapon. They can be found in most of the villages. Depending on a weapon's damage level this can cost you from a few to several hundreds of Groschen.

Repairing a damaged armor in Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come doesnt have a mini-game connected to repairing armor - How to repair a damaged weapon or a piece of armor in Kingdom Come Deliverance? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

Kingdom Come doesn't have a mini-game connected to repairing armor. To fix them you can use a great variety of various repair kits - you can get a kit that is more suitable for Henry's current Maintenance skill level; they also have different uses (e.g. repairing shoes or a plate armor).

An alternate way of repairing your pieces of armor is to visit someone who offers repair services. Remember to go to the right person. For example, an armor smith won't fix regular shoes while a cobbler won't repair your breastplate. The process of repairing armor can be very expensive (it can cost you even more than repairing a weapon) so try to avoid serious damage during fights and spend your gold only on repairing those pieces of armor that you are using regularly.

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