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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide by

Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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How to craft Saviour Schnapps? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

How to craft the Saviour Schnapps which allows you to save the game in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

Last update: 27 October 2022

This page of the Kingdom Come Deliverance guide contains a detailed instruction how to brew Saviour Schanpps. You'll learn how to craft it, what are the needed ingredients, how does the brewing process look like and how not to fail it.

What is Saviour Schnapps?

Saviour Schnapps is a unique item that allows you to save the game at any moment. Using it will save your progress, without having to use other save techniques, such as reaching the hero's bed or paying a bathhouse fee. Of course, using Saviour Schnapps is severely limited. Each potion allows creating one save. The individual bottles of Schnapps can be found or bought, but it is best to learn how to brew the potion on your own.

Saviour Schnapps - ingredients

Look for the alchemy table in the western end of the village.

The recipe for Saviour Schnapps is very simple. First of all you need the alchemist table and alchemy skills. The first time you'll get a shot at alchemy in Kingdom Come will be in Rattay (check out the screen). Alchemy and its requirements and limitations were described in detail on a separate page of the guide.

Once your alchemy skills allow it, you should look for the ingredients for Saviour Schnapps. You will need:

  1. 1x Wine
  2. 1x Nettle
  3. 2x Belladonna
  4. Mortar
  5. Cauldron

Tips on where to search for these ingredients can be viewed on the bottom of the page.

How to Make Saviour Schnapps?

In Kingdom Come you can just buy Schnapps, as well as make it yourself. In order to do that, just find a cauldron and, if you have all the ingredients, proceed as follows:

Step 1 -Pour wine into the cauldron.

Step 2 - Add the nettle.

Step 3 - Boil the wine twice (use the bellows twice; start fire twice).

Step 4 -Place two Belladonnas in the mortar and mash them.

Step 5 - Then transfer the belladonnas to the cauldron.

Step 6 - Boil the wine. Take a vial and pour the decoction into it - there's your Saviour Schnapps!

If you haven't made any mistakes during brewing, you should receive a message that a Saviour Schnapps has been created.

Saviour Schnapps ingredients - where to find them?

  1. You can either buy the nettle in Rattay or find it in forests and fields - it's a popular plant.
Many neetles you can find around the house.
  1. The belladonna can also be purchased in Rattay at an apothecary or found in the fields, but it's much rarer than the nettle.
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