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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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Which perks should I unlock first in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance perks are unlockable attributes and skills upgrades. Each attribute and skill have a few perks connected to them. Unlock them by reaching new levels of a given stat (perks are unlocked every few levels). This means that getting them all won't be easy - this chapter can help you get the most useful ones. Below you can find a list of the most useful perks that can be unlocked at an early stage of the game. The description of each of the perks contains information about a related attribute and a required level (e.g. Pickpocketing at level 5).

All Herbalism perks - try to improve this skill as quickly as possible by gathering herbs - Which perks should I unlock first in Kingdom Come Deliverance? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

All Herbalism perks - try to improve this skill as quickly as possible by gathering herbs. Resistance perk (1 point) will permanently add +2 Vitality. Flower Power perk (5 points) gives you a +2 Charisma bonus if you have got enough fragrant herbs in your inventory (check the effects list to see if the perk is activated). Horsenip perk (5 points) will make your horse shy less and decrease the chance of falling off its back when spooked by enemies. Botanist perk (10 points) will grant you better prices when selling plants. Leg Day perk (10 points) makes herb-picking activity add experience to your Strength stat too.

  1. Scout I - Main character level, 2 points - This perk increases fast travel reach AND improves your dodges by 10%. The second bonus is especially useful.
  2. Insomniac - Main character level, 4 points - This perk lets you travel longer without a sleep. A useful bonus, especially when you are doing a quest with a time limit and you can't allow yourself to rest for a few hours.
  3. Stronghold - Strength, 2 points - This perk reduces stamina consumption while blocking by 30%. One of the best combat-related perks. You can appreciate it during fights where you have to block a lot and wait patiently for a chance to counterattack.
  4. Mule I - Strength 4 points - This perk increases your weight limit by additional 15 pounds. Very useful, especially at the beginning of the game where Henry doesn't have a horse yet. Mule II and III aren't that necessary in the later parts of the game.
  5. Marathon Man or Sprinter - Vitality, 3 points - Choose one of these perks: the first lets you run for a longer period of time but slower while the other one allows you to run faster but for a shorter period of time.
  6. Highborn or Lowborn - Speech, 4 points - The choice here depends on whether you want to have a Speech bonus when you speak with richer or poorer citizens.
  7. Firm Grip - Defence, 4 points - This perk makes your enemies lose 15% more stamina when you block their attack with a shield. Useful at an early stage of the game where you will probably use a shield and a sword more. Two-handed weapons should be used after leveling up a bit.
  8. Rusty Edge - Warfare, 4 points - This perk increases a chance to poison an enemy by hitting them with a rusty weapon (a more damaged weapon gives you a higher chance to inflict this status). Useful in the beginning of the game because at that point you don't have skills nor gold to repair everything.
  9. Witcher - Alchemy, 3 points - This perk reduces negative effects of alcohol which means that you can drink more without a risk that you will get addicted. Useful if your playstyle involves drinking a lot of potions created through alchemy.
  10. Heavy Duty Pony or Racehorse - Horsemanship, 4 points - The first perk increases weight limit of your horse at a cost of speed. The second one has the opposite effect.
  11. Lasting Lockpicks - Lockpicking, 3 points - This perk is a MUST HAVE for all thieves. It makes your lockpicks twice as durable. Thanks to it you can open low level locks practically without a fear that you will break a (expansive) lockpick. You will also waste less lockpicks on opening higher level locks.
  12. Comrade - Pickpocketing, 2 points - This perk increases chances to pickpocket a character with a Charisma similar to your character. A very helpful perk because the default risk of getting caught while pickpocketing is very high.
  13. Easy Way Out - Pickpocketing, 4 points - This perk speed up the time of examining someone's inventory. Thanks to that you can "reserve" less time on pickpocketing (and lower your chance of being detected) or steal more items within the same amount of time.
  14. Stealth Kill - Stealth, 5 points - This perk lets you kill NPCs while sneaking up on them. A great choice when you want to, e.g. clear an enemy camp quietly during a night. Remember that your character has to be equipped with a dagger.
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