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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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How to survive in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

In Kingdom Come: Deliverance you don't play as a superhero who can survive everything. The main hero can get into trouble fast. This is especially apparent during the first few hours when Henry is very weak, has low-quality equipment and no skills. Below you can find a few tips that can teach you how to avoid sudden death.

1 - How to survive in Kingdom Come Deliverance? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide
  1. Save your game regularly. This is the best method to protect your progress in case your character died. The game makes it difficult to save but you can rely on automatic saves that appear in a middle of a quest, drink Saviour Schnapps before a bigger battle, go back to your hero's bed regularly or visit taverns to save your progress manually.
  2. Avoid combat if possible. In Kingdom Come: Deliverance many potential fights can be avoided by using certain dialog options or by using stealth to avoid enemies. Use these methods until your character learns how to use a melee weapon (preferably by practicing in a training arena) and gets a better equipment.
  3. Don't attack a few enemies at the same time. Try to avoid situations where Henry is attacked by a few enemies at the same time. You can have a hard time keeping him alive. Dealing damage can also be very problematic. Check if there are more enemies before you attack a given NPC. Also, don't get closer to them when a fight breaks out. You can also decide to use stealth and sneak into an enemy camp during a night and stun or kill (requires Stealth Kill perk) at least one enemy.
  4. Pay attention to Stamina bar during combat. You can die very fast if you don't pay attention to your stamina - it depletes very quickly. Every hit you get with an empty stamina bar reduces Henry's health. When that happens, you can die after 2-3 hits. Move away from an enemy if you notice that Henry used too much stamina. Wait for it to regenerate and go back to your opponent.
  5. Surrender if a guard wants to stop you. Guards chase you every time you commit a crime. Don't ignore their warnings because they can attack Henry - this will result in a quick death. Stop, press the surrender button and think on how to ease a situation without a bloodshed (paying a fine, using persuasion, going into jail etc.).
  6. Don't jump down form greater heights. This may sound trivial but the situation looks different in reality. Jumping down from a few meters can break or damage your hero's legs. Don't try to jump down from bridges, ladders or tall stone ledges, especially when your stamina bar isn't full (stamina can "cushion" falls from smaller heights).
  7. Don't ignore bleeding or broken limbs. The main cause of bleeding and fractures are enemy attacks. React immediately after receiving one of these statuses - they weaken Henry greatly or can even kill him (bleeding out). Try to always carry a few bandages and healing potions. Go to sleep or visit a bath house and ask for healing.
  8. Don't eat spoiled food. Henry can die from hunger so you should always carry food. However, you have to check a current state of your supplies. Eating something with 50 quality or less can result in food poisoning. This state can be cured with an antidote. Eat those products that can get spoiled fast in the first place (e.g. cooked meat or fruits).
  9. Equip Henry with a better weapon and armor. Henry has nothing after the escape from Skalitz which takes place at the beginning of the game. Try to solve this problem fast to avoid situations where Henry can be an easy target for enemies. You can steal equipment from one of the soldiers in Talmberg castle (Run! main quest). Another option is to wait until you reach Rattay during the main story line and get a chance to become a guard. After that you receive a bat and a guard's set. You can also look for opportunities to steal from someone's house or search corpses of a dead bandit or a guard.
  10. Stay cautious when you are travelling between villages. Initially, the bigger locations are visited linearly but this change when you get your own horse. This comes with a few new problems - one of them is the fact that you can get ambushed by bandits. If you noticed a group of people who doesn't look like peasants then you should go around them while keeping safe distance. Another option is to scout that area first if you want to meet with them. Your horse can get scarred (Henry falls on the ground) if you got too close to them and they started attacking Henry. This is a terrible situation - your character is surrounded by bandits and has no way to escape.
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