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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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What should I do after I commit a crime in Kingdom Come Deliverance? Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide & Walkthrough

When playing Kingdom Come: Deliverance you have to remember that killing and stealing from others might have serious negative consequences - nonetheless, this happens only if you get caught red-handed. Below, you can find some information on how the guards can be alarmed of a crime committed by the main protagonist and how to act after you are caught.

Two most serious crime categories in the game are attacking other people and theft - What should I do after I commit a crime in Kingdom Come Deliverance? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

Two most serious crime categories in the game are attacking other people and theft. You can also get in trouble by entering someone's house uninvited or by walking through the city with a weapon pulled out (in that case you will receive a warning first). No matter the circumstances, the local guards might be alarmed when they saw the crime or when someone told them about it. Before each action that carries the risk of breaking the law, you should save the game. There is always a chance that somebody is watching you. Killing such person before he or she reports on you is very risky, as during the attempt to stop such person you may be seen by other characters.

If a crime you committed has been noted, you will be stopped by the guards the next time you visit the area of crime scene. There are several options of how you can approach this problem:

  1. Paying the fee. This is the best solution when your character doesn't have well-developed charisma and if the fine is not that high. Paying the fee will ensure that you won't be harassed by the guards anymore (at least until you commit another crime).
  2. Using one of the dialogue options involving persuasion is the best solution if your character has well-developed persuasion stat. This way, you can impress the guard or scare him. The chance of success depends on your persuasion level, charisma or strength. Annotation - an unsuccessful persuasion attempt doesn't affect how the encounter is going to end, thus you can still select one of the other options. Considering all that has been mentioned above, it is a good idea to start with this particular method, as you won't be punished in case of failure.
  3. Going to jail - it is the best option if you lack enough gold to pay the penalty. Sadly, even for a petty crime you might spend a few days in the prison. Additionally, after walking out the protagonist will be weakened for some time.
  4. Take up arms. This is definitely the worst option, especially when your character doesn't have high-level weapons and armor or if there are other guards nearby, who can join the fight. You can consider this solution after being caught in a secluded location and if the guard demanded a high fee for you to pay. Similarly to running away, but the problem is not solved permanently and you might be arrested again in the future.
  5. A piece of advice - if you are arrested for robbery and solve the problem by paying the pecuniary fee or using your persuasion, you don't have to return the stolen items. Their worth might surpass the cost of the fee.
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