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Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

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How to prepare for bigger battles and act during them? How to prepare for bigger battles in Kingdom Come Deliverance?

There are a few moments in Kingdom Come: Deliverance where the main hero must participate in a huge battle. These fights can become rather challenging if you make a few grave mistakes. Below you can find tips that can teach you how to prepare for these battles, how to plan them and how to act when you are facing your opponents.

1 - How to prepare for bigger battles and act during them? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide
  1. Before participating in them your character gets a chance to scout an area. This can help you prepare better for an upcoming conflict. You should never ignore this step. A reconnaissance should be as detailed as possible because it lets you get useful information.
  2. Start sneaking (by pressing the crouch button) when you get closer to an enemy camp or a fort - being detected means that further reconnaissance is impossible (enemy soldiers can even start chasing you). You can scout an area during a more suitable time of a day (e.g. evening). Clothes also matter here - wear something that will make you more difficult to notice. Use bushes and other objects that can provide you a cover or those that can help you "blend in" (wearing the same armor as your enemies).
  3. Try to walk around an entire hostile location to determine paths and potential ways of getting inside (e.g. a main gate, side gates, a hole in a palisade). Your hero usually "comments" his new findings (e.g. he estimates a potential risk of attacking an enemy camp from a particular direction). You can use this knowledge later when you are planning an attack. You should also try to estimate how many enemies are inside and see what weapons and armor they are using. Sometimes, you can get a chance to sabotage your enemies, e.g. by destroying their armory or poisoning their food supplies. These actions are optional but completing them can weaken your opponents and help your allies to win. Save your game before you decide to sabotage them because there is a risk that you can be detected.
After finishing your reconnaissance, you should go back to an allied commander and give him your report - How to prepare for bigger battles and act during them? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide

After finishing your reconnaissance, you should go back to an allied commander and give him your report. This is an important step; the game won't do it for you. Give him the right information based on your observations. You can be asked about the following topics:

  1. Enemy numbers - Try to be as accurate as possible and base your answer on how many enemies you saw. Of course, you should remember that you could have missed a few soldiers hidden in places that you couldn't see or reach. Saying that there are less enemies can result in a situation where the commander sends less soldiers than he really should which can cause you and your allies problems with wining.
  2. Types of soldiers - Your hero can tell a commander that he saw some unique units in the enemy camp. This is only possible if you managed to detect them during your reconnaissance.
  3. Equipment - You can tell him about enemies' armor and weapons. You should also use this information when you are choosing your own gear (for example, equip a full helmet if a fort is full of archers).
  4. Where to start your attack - This is an important decision which can have an impact on an entire battle. You are asked about possible places of starting an attack. Try to remember what your character have said during the reconnaissance. You have to warn your allies if a path is guarded by too many soldiers or if that path is in enemy archers' reach. Select a safest path.
2 - How to prepare for bigger battles and act during them? - FAQ - Kingdom Come Deliverance Game Guide
  1. Regardless of how you did with a reconnaissance and report your character will have to participate in that battle. Save the game because even if you are well-prepared your hero can still die if he is attacked by a few enemies at the same time or he gets shot in the head with an arrow.
  2. Important information - you don't have to defeat as much enemies as possible because its result isn't determined by that. Your hero is but a small gear that can only help his allies to win. Your reconnaissance and report (and possible sabotage) are much more important. However, you shouldn't stand still. Try to attack enemies but focus on single targets and avoid facing a few soldiers at the same time.
  3. Fights always last until one of the sides loses all soldiers. This is the moment where you learn who won. Note - If your allies lose then replaying the battle itself may not be "enough" to win. You may have to reload your previous save and be more careful while scouting the area or give a more detailed report. You should also know that a loss doesn't necessary mean that the game is over. The story can continue but the future events will be different.
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