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Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

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How to get Ultima Weapon Kingdom Hearts 3? Kingdom Hearts III Guide and Walkthrough

Like in the previous games from the series, in Kingdom Hearts 3 you can create the Ultima Weapon, the strongest keyblade in the game. However, a lot of work awaits you, because this powerful blade requires obtaining many materials. You'll probably make it after completing the story to prepare for the fight against Dark Inferno. This page of the guide contains step by step instruction how to create the strongest weapon in the game.

Ultimate Weapon has 13 Strength, 13 Magic and unlocks following abilities: Combo Boost, Air Combo Boost and Situation Boost. After it transforms, Sora deals extremely high damage, much greater than other keyblades.

How to make Ultima Weapon?

First, you have to obtain 58 different Synthetic Materials - How to get Ultima Weapon Kingdom Hearts 3? - FAQ - Kingdom Hearts 3 Guide

First, you have to obtain 58 different Synthetic Materials. You can get them fighting enemies, after boss fights or in the chests. When you get all the materials, you'll unlock the Ultima Weapon recipe. Go to any Moogle Shop, and you'll see that it's now available.

Of course, just getting the materials would be too easy - you have to obtain 7 Oricalums+:

  • Get the high score in all Flantastic Seven minigames .
  • Photograph all 90 Lucky Marks.
  • Defeat the Eclipse Galaxy Bosses.
  • Get all the treasure in the sled minigame in the Frozen's world.
  • Buy items in the Moogle Shop and exchange Prize Postcards for rewards in the mailboxes - one of the rewards is Orichalcum+.
  • Reach the chest in Caribbean World hidden on one of the islands.
  • Reach the chest in the Keyblade Graveyard in the End of the World.

Additionally, you'll need 2 Wellspring Gems, 2 Pulsing Crystals, and 2 Lucid Crystals. When you collect them all, you'll be able to make Ultimate Weapon.

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